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Mafatlal to foray into apparel biz

Jun 08, 2017
Mafatlal to foray into apparel biz

Mafatlal Industries will make a foray into apparel business by introducing ready-to-wear fashion wear at affordable pricing. “We want to make a foray into the apparel business and for this we have identified three-four anchor categories,” said Aniruddha Deshmukh, MD and CEO, Mafatlal Industries. 

The company was a popular and leading brand of yesteryear and now the company wants to restore the same old glory, Deshmukh said. “Our main strength is fabrics. We are one of the large manufacturers of denim in the country, and we also supply to domestic brands and international brands,” he said. “The other large business we have is textiles, where we do basically shirting fabrics, whites and prints... we are also doing school uniforms and the size of this business is about Rs 300 crore,” he said.

On the company's foray into ready-made segment, Deshmukh said, “As a fabric company, at some point of time it will need to make an entry into the readymade segment. It is sort of a relaunch for us because the brand has been around for some time, but somehow never got the traction or momentum.”