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Lenzing Denim Team in 2016: A Year of Innovation

Jan 11, 2017
Lenzing Denim Team in 2016: A Year of Innovation

Heading into 2017, the Lenzing Denim Team says it has more ways to communicate and work with its partners than ever before. The Year 2016 was striking for the Lenzing denim team, not just because it was a creative year, but also because of the ways the team was able to put ideas into action. Consumers continue to demand sustainability and performance, and its position in the market allows its partners to provide innovative fabrics which can achieve both aspects.

Lenzing’s 4S Collection (Softness, Stretch, Science, and Sustainability) features cutting-edge materials to improve modern denim. For the first time, in September, this garment collection was introduced via webinar, entitled “Transforming the Denim Experience.” And in May, Lenzing launched the Carved in Blue blog, a communication platform for brands and a showcase of ideas that has already become indispensable for the industry.

Another example of Lenzing’s progress in sustainability is the closed-loop production of TENCEL® fibre using recycled cotton post-industrial scraps that would have otherwise been discarded. Patagonia, which has prioritised the use of recycled fibres since the 90s, is the latest brand to take up the new product. The team is seeing the emphasis from fibre to finish almost everywhere we go. Inditex is also developing programs with the recycled cotton TENCEL®.