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Jeanologia presents eMark 5 in Bangladesh

Nov 21, 2018
Jeanologia presents eMark 5 in Bangladesh

At the recently-concluded Bangladesh Denim Expo, Jeanologia, the Spanish company leader in development of sustainable and efficient technology, presented its new software eMark 5 that reduces time-to-laser mark by 15 per cent, simplifying how to design and increasing productivity.

With this tool the company advances the Bangladeshi textile industry’s digital revolution, while contributing to the simplification of processes making them more sustainable and efficient.
Jeanologia hit another milestone by creating the most advanced and unique software on the market. The software is completely developed for laser textile design, multilingual, easy to use and contains an extensive gallery of laser designs that is constantly being updated, exclusive and fashionable, offering infinite creative and sustainable possibilities.
Fabien Liautard, General Manager of the company in Bangladesh explains that with eMark 5 “if you can imagine it, you can produce it. With this software you can make designers’ creativity a reality in a sustainable way.” eMark 5 optimises production and minimises production errors. With this software Jeanologia goes further in the digital transformation of the textile industry. “Sustainability and technology are the keys for the country’s textile industry to consolidate and be able to become a world leader,” adds Liautard.

Thanks to the digital transformation that has already started in the Bangladeshi textile industry, today Jeanologia’s technology saves around 1,200,000m3 of water annually, this represents the amount of water contained in Gulshan lake, in Dhaka. Jeanologia will continue by its side as its technology partner, achieving excellence “Made in Bangladesh” creating a total dehydration and detoxification of the textile industry.