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Hosiery sector set for 4% growth

Sep 06, 2016
Hosiery sector set for 4% growth

The global hosiery market (socks, tights and pantyhose and nylons) is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around four per cent in the next four years. In terms of revenue, the socks segment dominated the global hosiery market in 2015 with a share of more than 69 per cent. The growth of socks segment is mainly driven by the increasing demand for socks from the age group up to 14 years and the age group 15 to 64.

Consumers look for quality, durability, fit, style, and glamour while purchasing hosiery products. Not only is the market for women’s hosiery rising, the demand for such goods is rising from the men’s segment too because these days even men follow new trends in fashion and apparel.

Europe has a 34 per cent share of the global hosiery market. Major factors contributing to the growth of this region is the rising demand for socks from the working population; where women’s hosiery generates the highest revenue.