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Global disposable gloves demand to rise 6.1%

Feb 22, 2019
Global disposable gloves demand to rise 6.1%

Global demand for disposable medical and laboratory gloves is forecast to climb 6.1 per cent per year to $11.4 billion in 2022. An expanding volume of surgical procedures, hospital and nursing home admissions, and outpatient episodes will support gains for these products, as will an increase in the volume of life science research investigations and clinical laboratory tests. A shift in preference for higher barrier, higher priced gloves among medical professionals will also boost demand. These and other trends are presented in Global Disposable Medical Supplies, a new study from The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm.

Surgical gloves will see the fastest rate of gains through 2022 for any disposable medical and laboratory glove type. Surgical gloves are generally composed of high-quality, high-priced materials, and they generate much greater demand per procedure than examination and laboratory gloves. Gains are also supported by the strengthening of healthcare infection prevention protocols throughout the world, which advocate double gloving and more frequent glove changes during patient operations.

Global demand for disposable medical supplies is forecast to expand 6.1 per cent per year to over $314 billion in 2022. Growth in developed countries will reflect ageing populations and evolving epidemiological trends – which will boost the amount of patient activity and medical product use – and greater adherence to infection prevention standards. In developing economies, demand will be supported by improvements to these countries’ medical systems.