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Garment industry demands permission to work in Karnataka

Jul 06, 2021
Garment industry demands permission to work in Karnataka

Bengaluru, Karnataka

The labour intensive garment industry has asked for permission from the Karnataka government to function at full capacity.  The factories have been allowed by the government to work at 50% while the garment industry has been allowed to function at 30% workforce. An appeal has been launched by the Karnataka Employers’ Association to improve workforce strength by 100%.

The garment units in Karnataka have received deadlines to complete international and domestic orders. These units have been severely affected during the lockdown and have suffered huge losses.

As per the letter written by the association to the Chief Minister, B.S. Yediyurappa, because of the severe restrictions in Karnataka, the consumers were shifted to other states like Kerala, and Tamil Nadu because these states did not face such curbs. The association also pointed out another significant development that even Bangladesh was under strict lockdown but the government had allowed export-oriented industries like the garment industry to operate at 100% manpower. The association also said that the foreign buyers might also divert their orders to countries like Bangladesh because of uninterrupted supply in these states.

It was highlighted by the association that in the manufacturing of garments, all the employees should be present in the assembly line, and also if the workforce is reduced, it might affect the production.

Source – The Hindu

Image Source: Wikipedia

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