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Fineotex products ECO PASSPORT certified by OEKO-TEX

Sep 22, 2021
Fineotex products ECO PASSPORT certified by OEKO-TEX



Fineotex Chemical Limited - a leading speciality chemical producer with a market leader position in the international textiles industry - has earned the prestigious ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX certification, the highest rating in the globally renowned audit that measures standards of sustainability. The green rating has been awarded by Hohenstein, an independent and neutral renowned testing system that is globally recognised. 


ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX is an independent certification system for chemicals, colorants and auxiliaries used in the textile and leather industry. During a multistep process, the international agency analyses whether each individual ingredient in the chemical product meets the statutory requirements.


“With this independent certification, FCL’s products demonstrate the sustainable approach they have adopted, thus instilling confidence in procurement and encouraging trust in our products and practices,” said Aarti Jhunjhunwala, Executive Director of Fineotex Chemical Limited. ECO PASSPORT comprises a comprehensive approach for the handling of chemicals and is thus a pioneer for “Green Chemistry”.


Arindam Choudhuri, CEO of Fineotex Chemical Limited, said, “It is with immense pride that we receive this certificate. The ECO PASSPORT certification by Hohenstein Institute, Germany, is a validation of FCL’s strong belief system that responsible manufacturing is not a priority, but the core DNA of all our formulations and products. FCL’s products lend trust and confidence that every product is hallmarked for safety and free from harmful substances.”


The tests also check for any element that may be harmful to human health. The certificates instill confidence and help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. Products that are awarded OEKO-TEX reflect that on the one hand textiles and leather products have been tested for harmful substances, and on the other ensure that textile products have been manufactured in an environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible way. In doing so, Hohenstein provides effective consumer protection and transparent information about sustainable, responsible production along the textile supply chain.


Brands and manufacturers value the ECO PASSPORT certification as a credible proof of sustainable textile and leather production. The label also gives proof of which articles meet the criteria for ecologically-responsible textile and leather manufacturing.


The comprehensive audit is a three-step process: the product components declared are checked against the list of harmful chemicals, an analytical laboratory test is carried out in the second step. This ensures that the certified chemicals can be used in the sustainable production of human-ecological optimized textiles and leather articles. Later, there is an on-site visit to check the working conditions, environmental management and safety standards.


ECO PASSPORT certification

ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX is an independent and standardized testing and certification system for chemicals, colourants and accessories used to manufacture textiles. A three-stage verification process analyses whether the chemical products and each individual ingredient meet specific requirements with regard to sustainability, safety and compliance with statutory regulations.

Following three steps are involved in the certification:

Ø  Step 1: a comparison of the ingredients in the chemicals with the OEKO-TEX list of harmful chemicals based on their CAS numbers.

Ø  Step 2: analytical testing in our OEKO-TEX laboratories to ensure that the certified products can be used for the sustainable production of textiles that are optimized for human ecology.

Ø  Step 3: (optional) review of the level of responsibility that the chemical manufacturer takes for the product – measures relating to working conditions and environmental management (evaluation and audit).

The ECO PASSPORT is perfectly aligned with the existing OEKO-TEX certification systems. Chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries that are certified in accordance with ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX are also recognized by the STANDARD 100, for the MADE IN GREEN label and as part of STeP certification.