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Fashion social platform in Europe

Sep 23, 2016
Fashion social platform in Europe

Europe’s first fashion social commerce platform, Trendy ( has been launched. The platform connects consumers directly with designers and sellers through the influencers and social channels they follow, on one user friendly platform. Often customers are unhappy as they do not get what they had ordered for after seeing an advertisement in the social media. Trendy addresses this by facilitating direct purchase from recommendations and social channels with a simple two click system. Furthermore, the platform helps influencers to monetise their work and supports young/up and coming designers and fashion retailers by exposing them to a wider, targeted audience.

Juan Cruz Aliaga, founder of Trendy states, “In the UK, social media still only accounts for a small share of total retail sales but its impact on people's shopping and buying activity is rising fast. We can look to the US for things to come. Last year the US the top 500 retailers earned $3.3 billion through social comers, up by 26 per cent on the previous year.

For designers the process is simple and connects easily with existing social channels and connects them with a whole new audience and advocates in no time. Trendy offers bloggers and fashion influencer highly competitive benefits including a 5 to 7 per cent commission rate up to £300 credits to purchase as well as gifting from sellers.