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Exim issues post-GST clarified at ITAMMA meet

Jan 01, 2018
Exim issues post-GST clarified at ITAMMA meet

With the onset of GST regime, there have been a lot of concerns amongst the member-exporters regarding LUT/ BOND/ Bank Guarantee, refunds, fate of export promotion schemes etc. To address the concerns of the exporters, the Indian Textile Accessories And Machinery Manufacture Association (ITAMMA), organised the seminar on imports and exports.

ITAMMA invited Advocate Shailesh Sheth, a renowned personality in the field of laws and the founder of SPS Legal, who, in his presentation, highlighted all the insights about the laws in subject to import and export under GST and its pros and cons, to make the delegates understand better about the law, something they could apply in the day today activities of their business. He also provided a booklet of same, free of cost, to all delegates present.

The event was sponsored by Edelweiss, a major player in the field of Financial Services, who also delivered very conceptual presentation on Forex and rates, briefing about the unknown facts of Forex market and how exporters and importers who are ITAMMA members can save their money and time. They also had presentation on insurance where they offered special rates not only for ITAMMA members but their factories and employees, machinery, plant, etc.

Kaizar Z Mahuwala, President, ITAMMA, also stated the importance of GST and mentioned that it was ‘the right event at right time’. He further appreciated and thanked Sheth for providing details on the topic and sharing his valuable knowledge for educating the members, importers and exporters on GST, which is still a new concept in consideration of its implementation.