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Everflow Petrofils develops fibre dyed lycra yarn

Aug 28, 2017
Everflow Petrofils develops fibre dyed lycra yarn

To overcome the difficulty in dyeing on lycra, Everflow Petrofils Ltd (EPL) has developed an alternate product, which is directly fibre dyed lycra yarn and need not be dyed again. This is a very low priced and faster way to get cotton lycra yarn suitable for shirting. EPL has also launched nylon spun dyeing to provide low priced high quality nylon.

“We have been constantly doing research in Indian markets and seeking for the qualities which are desired by our buyers but we are unable to get them at desired prices,” says EPL Director, Pinkesh Jain. “We have moulded ourselves as the provider of alternate yarns of all the high valued qualities available in the world,” he adds.

A 15-member EPL team comprising highly skilled professionals, headed by Jain, visited and studied all major textile hubs in India including Ludhiana, Surat, Tiruppur, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. The team found that there is a huge demand of high value qualities such as linen, indigo cotton, nylon blend, etc and these are offered by big apparel brands at very high price.

“The team concluded that there is a need in Indian market to convert these high value qualities into affordable qualities. Hence we have set up our own R&D department comprising small sample spinning machine (for new yarns development), sample warping machine, dyeing unit, a loom for woven, knitting machine and a lab equipped with all necessary testing instruments,” informs Jain.