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Elgi Electric bags order from Jyotirmaye

Jan 02, 2017
Elgi Electric bags order from Jyotirmaye

Jyotirmaye Textiles, during ITME 2016, finalised its requirement of 1,800 kg yarn conditioning system (YCS) with Elgi Electric and released the order and advance along with Elgi Electric’s selling partner Voltas Limited.

Elgi Profix YCS is an ideal choice as it has PLC-based control panel with the option to interface with the mill production data system, increase productivity up to 20-25 per cent or reduction in power by 25-30 per cent, maintaining performance and safety standards.

YCS is the need of every spinner to improve the yarn quality like hairiness, strength, elongation as well increase in moisture gain to reap the full benefits and attain highest yarn selling price. It is done, by creating a vacuum in the main vessel and injecting the cold saturated steam to the desired level with respect to all kinds of yarns – cotton, cotton mercerised yarn, rayon, viscose rich blends as well as autoclave applications for setting polyester, high twist yarns for twist setting. It can also be used for bulking acrylics in cone and hank forms.