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DuPont innovations for firefighting gear

Feb 07, 2017
DuPont innovations for firefighting gear

DuPont revealed the latest innovations utilised for its newest range of protective gear for firefighters during its recent participation at the Intersec Fire Safety Conference, an interactive conference addressing prevention, detection, rescue and emergency planning for all fire related accidents.

In line with this, DuPont threw the spotlight on some of its latest firefighting protective gear, including the light weight NFPA Concept Gear; the Nomex 360, the strongest lightweight outer shell; the Nomex Nano & Nanoflex, a thin thermal layer offering improved moisture management and comfort and Glide Ice with Nomex. The new Nomex® Nanoflex barrier material allows to protect Firefighter against toxic particles.

Alfons Held, Global Marketing Leader for Emergency Response and Fire Service, DuPont, “Participating at this year's edition of the Intersec Fire Safety Conference allowed us the strategic opportunity to present the concepts and technologies utilised by DuPont's lightweight and comfortable firefighter gear, especially in its range of protective clothing. The technologies used in these new firefighting gear exacts the needed balance between protection and comfort, endurance over time and the smart concepts in layering garments.”