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Digital textile printers from ColorJet at ITMA ASIA

Oct 01, 2018
Digital textile printers from ColorJet at ITMA ASIA

ColorJet India Ltd, the largest Indian manufacturer of wide format digital printers, is showcasing the finest digital printing textile solutions at ITMA Asia in Shanghai in Hall No. 5, Booth No. A20. Looking at the increasing tilt towards pigment inks printing, ColorJet is displaying two of its latest technologies, the METRO and Fabjet Grand, both of which run on pigment inks.

Wider variety, higher durability and simpler post-treatment process are increasingly making pigment inks the preferred choice of digital textile printers. Pigment inks also exhibit the highest degree of durability in colour and light fastness.

The pigment ink printing process does not need complex steaming and washing steps. Since the pigment ink is printed only on the top layer of the fabric without any chemical bonding, the textile fabric has to be only condensed at 150-170 degree Celsius for a few minutes to fix the pigments.

Consequently, the pigment printing process requires significantly less water due to the omitted washing step and this is exactly what the Fabjet Grand delivers. 

Pigment inks are suitable for a wide range of fabrics including mixed and blended fabrics and for the first time, ColorJet offers a true solution, the Fabjet Grand for industrial usage in digital textile printing.

The Fabjet Grand is a 3.2 m direct to fabric printer and is an ideal to direct-to-fabric printing solution for creating large customised patterns for the home furnishings business. Heavy duty design with rigid structure makes the machine suitable for rigorous shop floor operating conditions.

The use of Fabjet Grand on pigment inks has shown remarkable benefits to users. Fabjet Grand has shown a reliable printing performance, an easy handling and cleaning, and an outstanding colour and light-fastness to users. The entire process of Fabjet Grand printing on pigment inks is very quick and easy as compared to those available in the market.

Keeping China’s “12th Five-Year Technical Progress Outline” in mind, ColorJet meets the mandatory standards in energy saving and effluent reduction, by enabling large-scale implementation of clean production. It also offers low-carbon, green and cyclic economy system, thereby accomplishing energy-saving and effluent-reducing tasks as specified by the Government of China.

ColorJet has assiduously pursued excellence in digital printing since 2004. A world recognised brand, ColorJet is the largest manufacturer of wide-format digital inkjet printing machines in India and over 4,000 machines are in operation around the world, across India, the Middle East, Australia and Europe. Today, ColorJet maintains its No.1 position in India as per the latest IDC 2018 Q1 Super wide report.