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DECODE reveals multifaceted nature of denim

Mar 23, 2017
DECODE reveals multifaceted nature of denim

The denim giant and the largest fibre producer, Arvind & Invista, are bringing their latest in innovation,

design and sustainability for the Indian market. Arvind and Invista have teamed up to launch the Festive

collection for 2017- DECODE.  This fresh and ultramodern collection is showcased in form of a spectacular

display and a flamboyant runway show hosted at The Lalit, Mumbai choreographed by well-known choreographer

Sheetal Sharma.

The fashion show showcased an innovative line of Flip denims (reversible denims), Azurite (Arvind’s patented

technology of premium saturated indigo fabrics), 360 degree MUTANTS™ (multidirectional stretch knit denims) and

XL MUTANTS™ (wider width knits for better production efficiencies) to name a few. It showcased a collection of

DENIM EXPRESS™ which is a speed to market solution of versatile fabrics that are always in vogue – a much

needed requirement of the industry. The collection further extends to popular Arvind categories of BLUE

NATIVES™, NEOBUBBLE™, BOOMERANG™ along with the bestsellers across the market.

Other than the fashion show, the highlight was also the display for Khadi denim collection. Arvind recently

received much appreciation globally for this phenomenal sustainable fabric. Arvind won the prestigious Global

Denim Award for best fabric in October’16 at Amsterdam. The participants for the award included the top mills

of the world like Candiani and Prosperity.