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Call to add Chinese textiles to US tariff roster

Jun 21, 2018
Call to add Chinese textiles to US tariff roster

The Washington-based National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) is renewing its call for Chinese textiles to be added to the Trump administration’s new tariffs roster. Last week, the administration announced that additional 25 per cent tariffs will fall on 1,102 products beginning in July. It also released a second list of products that could become subject to tariffs. Home textiles were not on either list, although most types of textiles machinery were included – a move supported by the NCTO.

Now, the organization is urging the government to go farther. “NCTO is pleased that some textile products are on the second list. It would have a greater deterring effect, however, if more textile and apparel end products were included. As such, NCTO looks forward to working closely with the Trump administration to refine it,” said NCTO president and CEO Auggie Tantillo.

Last month, he represented a group of textiles-related organisations testifying in favour of adding textiles to the original tariffs lineup. The new list of products being eyed for tariffs must also pass through a public comment period. The Home Fashion Products Association and most retail lobbying groups are opposed to the administration’s tariff strategy.