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BCI joins UNFCCC Fashion for climate action

Jul 11, 2019
BCI joins UNFCCC Fashion for climate action

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has announced the joining of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Fashion for Global Climate Action initiative as a signatory to the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. Through collective action and bold leadership, BCI has the power to make this fast and drastic transformation.

The Fashion for Global Climate Action initiative calls on the fashion industry and organisations in the textile supply chain to acknowledge the contribution of the sector to climate change and our responsibility to strive towards climate neutrality for a safer planet.

Speaking at the launch event for the Framework, UNFCCC executive secretary, Patricia Espinosa explained that the fashion industry is in a unique position to lead change in the world. “The fashion industry is always two steps ahead when it comes to defining world culture, so I am pleased to see it now also leading the way in terms of climate action.”

With this in mind, we hope our commitment will inspire our members, communities and governments to raise their climate ambition in a united effort to limit global warming to 1.5oC. This is a race we can—and must—win to avoid significantly worsening the risk of droughts, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.