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Apparel Sourcing Paris focuses on clothing production

Mar 01, 2019
Apparel Sourcing Paris focuses on clothing production

The 16th edition of the Apparel Sourcing and Shawls&Scarves Paris shows, with 366 and 26 exhibitors respectively, demonstrated their immense importance for clothing production and textile accessories in global terms. Around 3,900 visitors flocked to The Fairyland for Fashion, a new record high for attendance, with a 2.35 increase compared with February 2018.

“Business got going extremely quickly. Buyers were intent on determining how feasible their projects were and on getting in first when it came to exclusives. The professionals had already decided what they would look for ahead of the show and wanted to make things happen as fast as possible. From the very outset we were focused on what is central to our work: trade talk and business. The atmosphere remained very vibrant throughout. Prime contractors attended the shows in the first place for work and to satisfy their curiosity. I am delighted to see the full effects of our strategy – encouraging contact with the materials, the skills and the people who offer them. It is an approach that I want to keep pursuing, no matter what, as nothing is a substitute for actual dialogue with the people and the materials. The almost febrile appetite of visitors thronging the aisles during the first few hours of the shows gives me encouragement in this respect,” remarks Michael Scherpe, [president of Messe Frankfurt France.

The products offered at Apparel Sourcing Paris, very diverse in terms of specialisation (from suits to sportswear and from underwear to dresses and blouses), techniques (bespoke tailoring, knitwear, accessories etc.) and ranges (for men, women and children) were aimed at every budget. This allowed buyers to consider the manufacture of future collections calmly. They immediately headed for their usual suppliers, while keeping an eagle eye on the new products offered.