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Umargaon hints at new features & machines

Dec 01, 2016
Umargaon hints at new features & machines

Established in 1959, Umargaon Textile has carved a niche in the corporate world of manmade fibre, VFY polyester and sewing thread industry because of its excellent machines, backed by exemplary post-sales service. Starting out with a precision cone winding machine for rayon and acetate yarn, the next step was the introduction of jumbo pineapple cone winding machine for metallic, nylon and polyester yarn. Superconer was then indigenously developed for high speed cone, cheese winding machine, which soon became popular because of its sturdiness, reliability and ability to withstand all weather conditions. 
?Our plan for India-ITME is to introduce new features in our existing models, a few new machines and discuss about our future machine prospects to our existing and new customers,? said Himansu N Doshi, Director of Umargaon Textile Machinery P Ltd during an exclusive interaction with the ITJ.
How has your company been doing in the last few years ? in terms of new product and technology launches?
We have added a few upgradations within the current models of machine. Our new products have included modern electronic functions with respect to mechanical parts to ease mass production. Our company has been scaling new heights with many new customers and now plans to introduce new features perpetually.
Can you give us the USP of some of your important machines and products for the textile industry? How has been market that you have been serving doing in the past and currently?
Our machines give top-class wind on the final package with increased productivity. Service has always been the USP with timely delivery of spare parts. The final quality wind from our machine is excellent and we continue our quality standards with respect to machine spare parts. Previously, the market was really good and customer wanted to give a quality product. But today, the customer is more price oriented and can manipulate with quality if required to be competent.
If in export, which are your major markets? What is the scope in these markets in the near future?
We usually export to Bangladesh and South Africa. Bangladesh, Vietnam and African countries have a huge scope since the textile market there is flourishing. Bangladesh alone is big enough to absorb the same volume when compared to India. We are in search of good agents to support the market internationally.

Are you planning any new launches, including expansion and diversification? Please give some details.
Yes, we are in constant phase of expanding new products. We will be showcasing one of our new products like the ?Tube & Y cone? packing machine during the exhibition. Similarly, we are also thinking of making a design, which is more beneficial to the customer in terms of final wind and production.
What are your plans for the India-ITME 2016 and the Indian textile industry? How have you been faring in India so far?

Our plan for India-ITME is to introduce new features in our existing models, a few new machines and discuss about our future machine prospects to our existing and new customers. India-ITME is a platform wherein all the who?s who of the industry are under one roof. Currently, the textile market has just started to pick up (three months late) and is bound to be faring good for the next six months at least.
What is your wish-list for the textile industry and the Government with a view to give a fresh impetus to the industry?
More subsidies to the winding market and the Government should impart knowledge regarding quality of precision winding industries.