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Simta spindle tape unit makes progress

Dec 01, 2016
Simta spindle tape unit makes progress

Located in Coimbatore, Simta Machinery Pvt Ltd is an integrated group of textile engineering companies, consisting of tapes manufacturing, overhead travelling cleaners, bobbin transport system, clearer rollers, sheet metal engineering and industrial fabrics divisions located at spread-out geographies. Simta is a ISO-certified company. Quality is the aspect of primary importance at Simta and considered with products in all segments of the divisions. 
S Senthilkumar, Managing Director of Simta Machinery Pvt Ltd, shares his views on the recent Government?s proposals to boost the textile industry and vision of textile industry by 2020.
How has your company been doing in the last few years -- in terms of new product and technology launches?
We do feel, we are better placed in the peers for our new products, like our improved bobbin transport systems and related products. We have made specific progress with our spindle tape division, by adding products like our S-8 tapes for power saving, besides innovative supplies to the preparatory of spinning process as well and the products are well received by the global players. 
Can you give us the USP of some of your important machines and products for the textile industry? How has been market that you have been serving doing in the past and currently?
We are in the process of certain strategy on USP for some of our upcoming products and stay-put hopefully despite the overall market looks apprehensive. We have remodeled our distribution network enabling deep penetration into the market besides rationalisation in production, quality check and supply chain management 
If in export, which are your major markets? What is the scope in these markets in the near future?
Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and the United Kingdom We continue to remain optimistic with buoyant opportunities.

Are you planning any new launches, including expansion and diversification? Please give some details.
We do have our plans in the focus for an expansion with diversification aiming to improve-upon the present engineering with proposed additions in the infrastructure.
What are your views on the recent Government?s proposals to boost the textile and clothing industry? What is your vision of textile industry by 2020?
Textile industry by and large is in the lookout for the measures from the Government focused in saving the sector from the present susceptibility hangs on weak threads, although a moderate growth factor in the vicinity.
What is your wish-list for the textile industry and the Government with a view to give a fresh impetus?
As the Honorable Prime Minister envisages an export target of $350 billion over 2020s, we could make it possible only with cheering textile policies put in place.