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People are very receptive to brands

Jul 01, 2016

Deco Window is a domestic endeavour of Jayanita Exports Pvt Ltd. In collaboration with more than 600 stores spread all over the country, Deco Window offers wide range of window solutions for each and every Indian home. Vaibhav Jain, CEO, Deco Window, had a very clear vision in mind for his company. In 2009, home furnishing was completely unstructured, and customer segmentation, pricing was also nonexistent. With tremendous experience in the field of exports in structured and developed market where there was a big scope for growth. He believes that Deco Window has been delivering high quality products at a very competitive price. Deco Window aims at being a one stop solution for all décor products ranging from window treatment to complete home décor needs.
Jain speaks on the emerging trends in the home textile industry in India and the changing scenarios of home textiles around the world, in an exclusive interaction with the ITJ team.

Please provide some brief background information about your company.
Deco Window is a window solutions brand from the house of one of the largest exporters in India ´ Jayanita Exports. Launched in 2008, Deco Window offers complete window solutions for your window apart from cushions, trimmings, automatic curtain tracks, door seals, garden torches, shelves and much more. Products are great in quality with good value for money. You can choose from a variety of products available online as well as a display in their offline partnered stores.

How do you look at the market for home textile in India? What are the emerging trends in the home textile industry?
The home textile industry is flourishing in India exorbitantly. Indian products have made a mark in the international markets and have a strong footing. Over the next few years, one can find more innovation. Our customers are well-informed, conscious and aware of the trends. Customers opt for sustainable and easy to maintain solutions for their home. We have a creative and dedicated team who are devoted and meticulous. The team comes up with designs that add panache to the interiors. Our team shows their complete passion for what they design. We believe in providing a 360-degree solution in terms of window solutions and our designers create trends to match the expectations of our customers.

What are the changing scenarios of home textiles industry all over the world?
The textile industry today is not just limited to the design, colour, and feels besides there is a lot of technology that goes in. We today get to see black out, perfumed fabrics etc hence a new invention is required every time to be called new.

In home textiles, what are the latest product offerings for the Indian markets? What differentiates your products from that of your competitors?
At Deco Window, keeping parity with the market in terms of designs trends, we differentiate getting the best possible specification and quality at a price a normal consumer can afford. In other terms, we strive to give an average consumer a far better quality and higher specification product than the market, or than what he would have spent on with other brands.

What are the latest innovations made by the company to enter the highly competitive market?
I don´t see any major competition for us with other foreign brands. Deco window range includes classic to modern profiles. Each piece is engineered for durability, functionality, and aesthetics and together with state-of-the-art hardware and impeccable custom and automation solutions gives endless possibilities to complete your décor needs. Our products are shipped internationally to major stores. We are also in collaboration with over 600 stores across the country.

How is India as a market for branded home textiles?
People are very receptive to brands. They are very aware of the different offerings and availability. Customers want items that are affordable and yet have an appeal. Huge brands sometimes entice people but many can´t afford the big names at it is heavy on the pocket. Quality and pricing are very crucial for the growth of a brand.

Today, e-commerce drives nearly all retail growth in India and abroad. What are the impact of e-commerce on home furnishings market?
Technology is booming and one has to be in tune with times. We have three websites:, and It has become convenient for customers to buy online as this saves them with a lot of hassle to travel. Our customers, who have purchased products from us, have visited our website for more. We not only provide complete window solutions but other home décor products are available under one roof. When it comes to e-commerce one cannot ignore it as it makes products accessible to the masses.

How do you look at the market for home textiles industry five years in advance?
Interestingly the market is moving in domain more promising for invention and uniqueness, stronger competition, design trends based on regions, newer brands emerging with uniqueness from the product origin, distinctive demand for organic and quicker expiration of designs, and younger audience.