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Naren Group on innovation spree

Dec 01, 2016
Naren Group on innovation spree

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Founded in 1995, Naren Group of Companies is a name to reckon with in the field of textile engineering, electronics and automation, spinning and weaving. The company caters to the textile machinery parts to a wide array of discerning clients in India and abroad.
R Sundarraj, Managing Director, Naren Group of Companies, in an interview with the ITJ, speaks on USPs of some of the important machines and products for the textile industry.
How has your company been doing in the last few years -- in terms of new product and technology launches?
Our growth is really exceptional. We are growing at about 15 to 20 per cent every year. We have been launching new products every year with an eye on new value additions related to energy conservation concepts and upgradation of new technologies and incorporation of new theories into the old machines. The R&D team is working relentlessly on new innovations. 
Can you give us the USP of some of your important machines and products for the textile industry? How has been market that you have been serving doing in the past and currently?

Naren is mainly into Autoconer spares and accessories for all models up to date, covering both mechanical, electronics and splicer areas at will. We have a very big warehouse facility to hold huge stock of all Autoconer parts and can deliver 24 x 7 to all customers across the globe. We have a very strong reputation and reliability for quality and service over the past 20 years as a brand to reckon with and rely. We are doing exceptionally well in electronics and automation field and giving the customers the most important technical edge and excellence, they save a lot of money on energy savings.
If in export, which are your major markets? What is the scope in these markets in the near future?
Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam are our major markets. We mainly sell Autoconer parts through our local channel partners with their respective countries and giving our best products/service support to all our customers. Both customers and agents are very happy with our supports. We see a vertical growth in these markets since the Chinese and European products became very costlier and are not affordable. Also Indian products now are available with good quality at affordable prices.

Are you planning any new launches, including expansion and diversification? Please give some details.
We launched several new products. This year we have launched the ?Direct Drive Coupling System? for all ring frames with or without VFDs, which save a lot of energy and time. People are very happy with the performance of this product. 

Maintenance of these machines is very easy and less economical. Also this year our principal company, Chiorino, has launched the New Age Spindle Tapes, which have got tremendous appreciation in terms of quality, durability and cost when compared to other leading brands in the industry over 30 years. 

Ours is an instant success and we are focusing to rake in more market share in the next two years.
What are your views on the recent Government?s proposals to boost the textile and clothing industry? What is your vision of textile industry by 2020?

By 2020, the Indian textile industry will stabilise and boom. Only the quality players and value additions will survive. With our progress and vision, we will be a mighty force by 2020. We are very optimistic.
What is your wish-list for the textile industry and the Government with a view to give a fresh impetus to the industry?
The Government has to support the textile players with more progressive schemes, effective cotton policies, fool proof and transparent taxing systems and export incentive packages, etc. Then the Indian textile will really blossom.