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'We constantly introduce new products in circular knitting'

Jan 01, 2015

Founded in 1905, Mayer & Cie is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of single and double jersey knitting machines. The Germany-based company has a strong reputation for innovation and high quality in the world of circular knitting. Mayer & Cie´s Relanit technology in single jersey knitting machine is known and respected worldwide and its OVJA double jersey jacquard knitting machines are legendary. Mayer & Cie´s circular knitting machines are used in a wide range of applications including outerwear, underwear, leisure wear, household textiles, automotive fabrics and technical textiles.

In an exclusive interaction with the Editor of the Indian Textile Journal, Wolfgang Muller, Sales Director, Mayer & Cie, shares the company´s latest product offerings and its special characteristics.

ITJ Editor: Tell us something about the latest products launched by Mayer & Cie, and what are their special characteristics?
Wolfgang Muller (WM): We have launched a variety of new products, including: In Mattress: OVJA1.6 EMS
Special: Price - performance - Flexibility and Fabric Quality
Interlock: D4-2.2 HPI
Highest production of plain interlock (limited to filament yarn like PES or PA) with 4.4 feeder per inch = 148 at 34 inch diameter. Optional conversion kit to 2.2 feeder for high quality and high production of plain Rib 1:1/2:2 and Rib-/8-lock structures with 4 needle tracks in cylinder.
In single fabric:
a) Relanit3.2 S => all advantages of relative technology (less energy consumption, able to knit with low quality yarn where horizontal sinker technology single machines already fail) at very attractive sales pricing, new frame generation (=> design of sustainable light weight frame)
b) MSC3.2 => amazingly low cost single machine from the Mayer Group, made in China with German design technology and original German knitting head. In coarse gauge Jacquard:
a) for coarse gauge double Jacquard: OVJA08. E/ER, approved Mayer patented mono-magnetic needle selection, reliable, free of wear and tear, proven feeder number/inch for maximum flexibility
b) for coarse gauge single Jacquard: MJ0.8 E/ER, approved Mayer patented mono-magnetic needle selection, reliable, free of wear and tear, proven feeder number/inch for maximum flexibility
For upholstery and home textile: up to12 colour Jacquard terry machine, MCPE 2.4. Unique design possibilities with up to 12 different colors to knit full jacquard terry fabrics. It is MCT patented.

ITJ Editor: How has Mayer & Cie been doing in the Indian market? Which are its other strong markets globally?
MCT, over the past 5 years, has constantly increased its market share. India is one of the top three markets for MCT. Since last few years, MCT is getting stronger in all segments, i.e., for basic spandex jersey, stripers, electronic jacquards for mattress ticking, high production interlock m/c for PES market from western India.

ITJ Editor: Having established itself in knitting, what is the future strategy of Mayer & Cie for markets like India?
Our strategy is to build up a strong partnership between the knitting industry for high quality and sustainable fabric production and our company. We would like to be the innovation base for our partners to guarantee their success in the future too. Since we do believe that their success will be our success too. We also would like to widen the range of our products to be able to support our customers of the technological and commercial segment (=A and B-segment) of the world market in circular knitting. E.g. in India, we expand to serve the market of the cotton spinning segment and PES segment.

ITJ Editor: What sort of marketing set-