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EFI Reggiani launches BLAZE Textile Digital Printer

EFI Reggiani launches BLAZE Textile Digital Printer

EFI Reggiani BLAZE scanning printer will be launched at the ITMA Asia tradeshow in Shanghai. This printer is easy to use and offers smart solutions for textile companies in an efficient and sustainable inkjet printing.


EFI Reggiani has launched BLAZE scanning
printer at the ITMA Asia tradeshow in Shanghai. This printer is easy to use and
offers smart solutions for textile companies in an efficient and sustainable
inkjet printing. The printer is equipped with EFI Reggiani’s state-of-the-art
technology, reliability, offering the highest quality, and flexibility on the
wide variety of designs.

According to
Adele Genoni, EFI Reggiani, Senior Vice President, and General Manager, the
company has been successful in investing and developing the next trailblazing
technology for the textile market even after the pandemic. She also said that
the customers are a priority for the company. With the BLAZE printer, the company
wants to offer an ideal solution for other companies who wish to enter the
industrial textile digital printing space. The company is excited to launch
this new printer and offer a good experience to the customers, she added.

The company has a
stall Hall 5, Booth D08 at ITMA Asia where BLAZE has been showcased printer.
This is one of the most important showcases in the field of digital textile
printing technology which will focus on leading-edge innovations in the global
textile industry.

This new printer is designed in such a way
that it will offer the textile companies the opportunity to enter the digital
textile printing market with a compact solution. The printer is 1.8 meters
wide, innovative, low maintenance, has a continuous recirculation ink system,
is equipped with a level sensor and degassing, and a print head crash
protective system so that the printer works for a longer span of time and has a
superior uptime. Also, the BLAZE printer can produce up to 125 linear meters
per hour and has a printing resolution of up to 600×1200 dots per inch (dpi).
Its cutting-edge print head is reliable and offers low maintenance costs along
with a competitive total cost of ownership. The printer delivers excellent
productivity and is one of the fastest digital inkjet solutions in its class.
It has 8 300- dpi dual-channel print heads and can also print in up to eight
different colours with full variable drop size.

Another attractive feature of The EFI
Reggiani BLAZE is that it is equipped with a switchable and continuous belt
washing unit. It is used to remove fabric hair and water. It is also equipped with
an embedded device that suffices the purpose of an adhesive. It enhances the
possibility to use resin, permanent, and thermoplastic adhesives. The printer
also has a 400-mm roll unwinder, an air gun, expandable shafts, and a pneumatic
bar for standard fabrics that are used to enhance value and productivity. 

Another reason for the customers to go for
this printer is that it offers a friendly and intuitive user interface that
comes with real-time image processing and flexible queue management. ‘What You
See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) philosophy is used by the software to predict
printing speed and ink usage accurately.

EFI Reggiani launched the entry-level BLAZE
for the first time in the series of 2021 products followed by including another
advanced high volume digital inkjet printer, named EFI Reggiani HYPER model, in
July. The company has also released an enhanced version of the EFI Reggiani
TERRA Silver printer which is 1.8 meter wide printer that operates with the
unique TERRA pigment ink and has a binder solution for high-quality, direct
printing without washing or steaming, and is highly sustainable. The TERRA
Silver printer forms a part of the company’s complete TERRA line-up of pigment
ink printer solutions. It is used for a greener, smarter, and has a short
process in industrial textile printing. Other features include it is user
friendly, has an intuitive interface, has several printing modes, ensures
maximum flexibility in design capability, offer real-time image, is equipped
with a new recirculating ink system for superior reliability and minimum
maintenance, and has a more efficient polymerization process that comes into
action when the printed textile goes through the printer’s on-board dryer. It
prints with precise and smooth material handling of knitted and woven fabrics.
The users can benefit from flexible queue management, the WYSIWYG interface,
and high-uniformity printing modes.

EFI Reggiani is a leading name in the development
of inks and is a big industry supplier that offers a complete range that
includes all primary textile ink types. At the trade fair in Shanghai, the
company will also announce the new service provided to Chinese customers which
will be manufactured in China. This new service is EFI Reggiani AQUA
water-based reactive inks. The AQUA inks give outstanding quality on silk,
cotton, rayon, linen, viscose, and lyocell. It is perfect for producing fashion
products and home textiles that come in intensive and deep colours. Green EFI
Reggiani processes will offer fast, complete, and sustainable solutions to the

Source – Press release

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