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Solar pump drive system from Rhymebus

Oct 15, 2020Sponsored
Solar pump drive system from Rhymebus

Established in 1987, Rhymebus Corporation is a professional manufacturer of AC motor drives, auxiliary controllers and customised energy-saving systems. Rhymebus’s achievement of product applications can be found across the fields of industry including textile, food packaging, conveyor system, injection molding, HVAC, fitness equipment, electric vehicle and energy regeneration.

Because of high quality and instant service, Rhymebus has readily received recognition from clients and the company’s performance of industrial automation and energy-saving has strongly been proven in the market.

Solar pump drive system

By combining solar panels and inverters, Rhymebus solar pump drive enables users to control motors in remote areas without power and conduct various applications, such as water pumping, irrigation pumping and wind extraction from fans.

In addition, solar cells could be simultaneously installed in power grid areas.By connecting a smart power switching device, it can automatically identify and select the power source from either solar power or power grid, fulfilling users’ demand of long operation time and effective use of green energy.

Product features:

  • MPP tracking
  • Overheat detection
  • Advanced protection
  • Panel shading solution
  • Auto restart

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