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Teijin Frontier´s new polyester fabric offers superb comfort

Aug 01, 2015
Teijin Frontier´s new polyester fabric offers superb comfort

Teijin Frontier Co Ltd, the Teijin Group´s fibre-product converting company, announced that it has developed an all-new, highly comfortable and functional polyester material that achieves the pile structure of toweling. The material, made of 100 per cent polyester, offers excellent water absorbency, a soft texture and a unique bulky-but-lightweight feeling.

Teijin Frontier is developing a variety of applications for the new material, focusing on 2016 fall/winter sportswear but also functional clothing such as underwear and uniforms, as well as bedding and industrial materials. The fiscal 2019 sales target is 500,000 m.

Thanks to its pile structure without buffing, the new material´s surface appearance, functionality and comfort remain durable after repeated washing. In addition, the fabric structure is applicable for multi-seasonal products, not just fall and winter clothing.

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