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SUMA SL 288 for double width weaving

May 01, 2015
SUMA SL 288 for double width weaving

SUMA SL 288 is a CPM (electronic jacquard) designed for double width weaving machines. Electronic control system in this CPM has been designed on the latest micro processor based technology. It has four vertical heads containing 72 hooks in each head for making patterns on selvedges. It is compact, efficient and virtual maintenance free vertical model. Electronic panel is mounted at the CPM for smooth and hassle-free operation. It can be synchronised for fabric designing on any weaving machine. It can be installed on any projectile, rapier, Picanol, Dornier, airjet weaving machines.


  • 72 hooks in each head (total 288 hooks) for more precisive effective and eye-catching patterns, designs, motifs, etc.
  • Pattern making adjustable to fabric width on selvedges or at the desired location of the fabric.
  • Same or different monogram on fabric selvedges.
  • Preprogrammed change of monogram to facilitate automatic change of monograms without stopping the weaving machine.
  • Machine mounted compact electronic panel.
  • High quality Industrial standard components/hardware are used to ensure that quality standards are consistently followed.
  • Easy installation so that the weaving machine´s down time is minimized
  • Low maintenance.
  • Power supply from weaving machine only so that no additional power line is required.

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