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ZIP´s range of hardware options

Oct 01, 2015

ZIP manufactures a wide range of fasteners, which are useful for textile machinery manufacturing units. Range of fasteners include: ring eye bolt, stay eye bolt, hex head bolt nut washers, full thread hex HD Sc, machine bolt, hex head, sq head type coach bolt wood Sc type threads. hex nuts, lock nuts, dome nuts, nylok nuts, wing nuts, weld nuts, flanged serrated hex nuts, sq nuts, slotted nuts, plain washers, machine washers, springs, stars, wave washers, tapper washers circlips, hex socket type Allen Sc std HD, CSK, button HD, low HD, thin HD, HTS hex socket set grub Sc KCP, flat, cone, dog & oval point. Plunger screws spring & steel Ball fitted type, slotted grub Sc, Philips star punch screws, zinc plated. Pan HD, CSK HD, binding HD, self tapping Sc, round HD, CSK & binding HD rivets, slotted machine Sc, cheased HD, CSK HD, raised, pan HD, Philister HD, stud full thread spindle, copper zinc platted weld studs, projection bolts, carriage bolts, nib bolts, sq HD Sc., T-bolt tapper HD bolts, wing screws, solid dowel pins, tapper pins, grooved pin spring dowel pins & spiral pins, etc.

ZIP also manufactures hex socket type Allen bolts, standard heads, CSK heads, button heads, low heads, shoulder heads, washers forged, thin heads, washers fitted, & oval head, raised.

ZIP manufactures hex socket & slotted type grub screws, knurled cup point, flat, cone, dog, tapper dog, oval point & plain cup point type. Other varieties that ZIP manufactures include nuts like hex lock nut, hex standard, - 8d, 1d, 1.5d nuts, long nuts, dome nuts, nylock nuts, wing nuts, weld nuts, hex & square, flanged serrated hex nuts, slotted & castle nuts, thin nuts, square nuts, eye nuts, T nuts, long dome nuts, cage nuts, blind nuts, hex external and internal thread adjusting nuts, knurled nuts, thumb nuts, 2 to 16 mm lock & standard cold forged, 16 to 72 mm hot forged lock and standard nuts, 14 to 48 mm turned process hex nuts, lock nuts.

These items are used at machine tool industries, automobiles, textiles, hydraulic, pneumatic, plastic injection moulding machine plants, etc. These products are supplied as per IS, DIN, ISO, BS, ASTM standards.

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