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We have supplied over 4,500 retrofits globally

Nov 01, 2015
We have supplied over 4,500 retrofits globally

Amarnaathh Enterprises is known for its innovative solutions in controlling of short thick, raw material fault and FD cuts in auto coner near maintenance free/ with higher production. The company has an exclusive range of modern technology based carding retrofield modification solutions to control cotton carding machine, auto coner FD cuts in C1/2, C1/3, and in Textol cards.

Soundarajan, a partner with Amarnaathh Enterprises, in an interview with the ITJ team in Coimbatore, talks on the company´s contribution to the textile industry, and plans for the future.

What do you think is the status of our textile machinery, parts & accessories industry ? a SWOT analysis from your side.

Today, machinery manufacturers produce textile machinery at competitive prices, and also provide sophisticated machines of higher speed and production capacity. Presence of numerous small-scale players make the machinery sector more competitive. Based on the product value and benefits for the customer, machinery & accessories segment is doing extremely well. Cheap labour & entrepreneurial skills have [always] been the backbone of the Indian textile industry.

What are your company´s contribution (by way of technology & products) to the textile industry? What are the plans for the future?
For more than two decades, Amarnaathh Enterprises (AE) has been one of the most prestigious retrofit manufactures in India. We do rigorous research on each and every product and do a thorough trial of at least two years with different raw materials before launching any new products in the market. We have supplied more than 4,500 retrofits all over India and abroad working to the entire satisfaction of the customer. We usually get very good support from all kind of textile mills´ right from OE to higher-count spinning mills, since AE offers its product at a very affordable rate, and it also delivers higher production up to 1,200 kg in open spinning machines with better quality. Moreover, our retrofit in C1/1, C1/2, C1/3, LC100, C4 DK Series cards are most suitable and keeps the machinery maintenance-free. In this scenario, our card retrofits with minimum budget matches with the latest generation of cards. We have also started supplying pressure chute and auto levelers for carding machines. We have developed a complete range of machines suitable for surgical plants. Our innovative technology helps higher production by 1 tonne per day of high quality achieved in the end product. We are specialised in making absorbent cotton rolls and absorbent cotton balls suitable for medical industries.

How has your company been faring in the export markets for your machinery?
Since our product is well-established in terms of carding quality and production, our company has a good reputation in the international market and expecting a great growth in the near future in terms of both domestic and export markets. Our professional approach and a variety of textile machine components, especially in the domain of carding retrofield modification have helped us to provide the best line of cotton carding machine to the clients.

What is your wish-list for the textile machinery industry and also the Government to make the industry a leader internationally?
The Indian textile industry expects more support from the Government and time to work on the betterment of the export terms. Most of the Indian textile machinery manufacturers struggle to sell their products in overseas mainly because of the competition rates from other countries and unbalanced market situation. Competition from high-tech machinery of European and Southeast Asian countries is a real challenge the Government should study about our manufacturing sectors and support us to find a g