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Keisokki’s solution for hairiness

Sep 01, 2016
Keisokki’s solution for hairiness

Customers in India requested Keisokki to develop an instrument, which will give them information on index as well as the number of hairs. Keeping this in mind, Keisokki developed Laserspot LST V, which gives information on the number of hairs as well as the hairiness index. The company introduced Laserspot as a solution to spinners troubled by hairiness.

In the LST, signal of hairiness mass variation diagram and diameter of the yarn are measured separately and simultaneously so that both hairiness and diameter do not get mixed up. In the LST, one can clearly detect the problem if it is due to hairiness or due to diameter (spinning problem), ie., source of hairiness.

Features of Keisokki Laserspot LST V are:

  • LST V is the only instrument in the world that gives information on number of hairs as well index of hairs.
  • Hairs of different lengths (selectable) can be measured
  • Can measure the hair length every 10 m or to the selectable value
  • Provides information of thick and thin places using the optical method of LST V
  • Laser technology is not affected by changing of light intensity in the room, etc.
Applying hairiness results to improve the process: Since Keisokki’s LST is giving hairiness index and also information on diameter problem as well as their mass variation diagrams, one can trace out easily if the problem is truly due to hairiness or due to variations in diameter. For eg., hairiness index is very low but the CV percentage & U percentage of the diameter is very high. This clearly explains that the problem is in spinning process and not with hairiness. Hence LST’s results can be used to improve on the process as LST is not merely giving a number.

Effective detection of hairiness problem: With the help of LST one can predict if the hairiness is due to ring problem, lifting problem, traverse problem, etc. While conducting tests using LST for several Indian spinners, it was observed that they did not have hairiness problem at all, but a majority of them had diametric variations in their yarn.

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