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ITAMMA promotes ´Make in India´ at Dhaka

Apr 01, 2015
ITAMMA promotes ´Make in India´ at Dhaka

Dhaka Int´l Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition is being organized jointly by Bangladesh Textile Mills Association and Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co Ltd, and Chan Chao International Co Ltd, which was the 12th in the series and which received a tremendous response of 880 exhibitors from 32 countries occupying 1060 booths. ITAMMA is proud to mention that among them, Indians were 67 in number and ITAMMA members were 17 in number who had participated as an exhibitor.

ITAMMA is always being offered a complimentary stall by the organizers considering the efforts taken by ITAMMA in disseminating the information about the exhibition during its participations in various events like seminars, workshops, catalogue shows, etc. Also, considering the importance of the BTMA and ITAMMA meetings being regularly held during these exhibitions with fruitful discussions for the benefit of the textile industries of Bangladesh. BTMA being one of the organisers strongly supported for a participation of ITAMMA in this exhibition. ITAMMA was offered a complimentary stall No. M6 in the main business building for the fourth consecutive year, to showcase services of ITAMMA as well as the products of its members. The trend of visitors registered at ITAMMA stall was 11 from spinning, 4 from wet processing, 6 from composite and 10 were from garment & apparel industry. While the category of visitors were 35 of Traders/Agents interested in purchasing and selling the products.

ITAMMA´s initiative
A special ´Catalogue Display Scheme´ was organised who were not able to participate in the above exhibition and there was an overwhelming response from the members.
Also during the exhibition, ITAMMA logo was displayed at 17 Stalls of the Member-Exhibitors of ITAMMA. A meeting with the Office-bearers of BTMA was organised for ITAMMA members on 5 February, 2015 at BTMA Office where 10 ITAMMA member Delegation lead by S Senthilkumar, President, ITAMMA participated, along with Diven Dembla of Precision Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, JM Balaji of Lakshmi Ring Travellers (Cbe) Ltd, Coimbatore, TR Rajendran of Suprabhatam Textile Equipments, Coimbatore, Soumyakanti Ganguly of Eastern Engineering Company, Mumbai, Jagmohan Narang of Basant Wire Industries Pvt Ltd, Jaipur, Purushottam Kaushik of Bea Electronics, Gwalior, Sameer Dua of Precision Rubber Industries Pvt Ltd, and ND Mhatre, Director General (Tech) of ITAMMA. During the meeting, S Senthilkumar, President, ITAMMA gave an introduction about ITAMMA and its activities and invited the Office Bearers of BTMA to India for a 3-day Study-cum-Business Tour to study the functioning of Indian textile composite mills of cotton & synthetic processors.