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INR 6,000 crore package is a huge boost: ITAMMA

Nov 01, 2016
INR 6,000 crore package is a huge boost: ITAMMA

“The textile Industry is growing and we are lucky to be the part of it in this era,” said ML Jhunjhunwala, President of RSMW Limited, while delivering the Guest of Honour address at 73rd AGM of the Indian Textile Accessories And Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (ITAMMA), which was held on September 30, 2016 at MC Ghia Hall, Mumbai.

He added, “the Government is taking various initiatives for the betterment of textile industry by supporting and enhancing the domestic market, which is further helping to produce value-added products. Involvement of young population who are spending on lifestyle and fashion has given an opportunity for increase in retail segment and further demand in domestic market only.”

He gave example of his company where in early days 50 per cent was exported and 50 per cent was consumed in domestic market but now with growing era 35 per cent is exported and 65 per cent is consumed in domestic market.

Ujjwal Narayan Uke, Principle of Textiles, Government of Maharashtra, emphasised on the mindset of the people and the continuous changing mood swings. He ended his address by quoting Bhuddha.

Mayank J Roy, President, ITAMMA, while delivering his presidential speech said, “2016 has been an exciting year for the Indian textile and textile engineering industry. The Ministry of Textiles approved a Rs 6,000 crore package for the textile industry which includes several tax & production incentives, and more importantly, flexibility in labour laws. Textile and apparel producers and exporters are optimistic that these measures will boost investments, which will translate to more demand for textile machines.”

Textile machinery industry is in many ways similar to the automobile industry. The automobile manufacturers have to speedily outsource their components and accessories which they do not produce. Similarly, the textile machinery industry would also have to outsource their components. [(present annual imports of Rs 14,000 crore need to be reduced to Rs 7,000 crore (65 to 35 per cent)].

Roy asked for some support from the Government of India:

  • The Government should encourage Indian organisations, both private and research institutions, to buy or collaborate with textile research institutions in Europe, many of whom are on the verge of closing.
  • The European Governments are keen that the technicians who have prematurely retired by usefully employed in other countries as the future for these people is limited in Europe.
  • The Centres of Excellence, which have already been created in ATIRA, BTRA, NITRA, SITRA, etc. could be involved.
  • The Government should finance such acquisitions that can render support to the Indian components, spares and accessory manufacturers may be at a cost.

The evening ended with ITAMMA giving away nine awards for the year 2015-16.

Office bearers 2016-17

Below are the new office-bearers of ITAMMA for 2016-17:

Kishore Khaitan is currently Managing Director of Basant Wire Industries, a leading manufacturer and exporter of pins and pinned products for textile machinery with a 50 years illustrious history in the business. He has work experience of nearly four decades in manufacturing and international marketing of engineering products. He has extensive experience in functioning of industry association and in government policy advocacy, being active in CII for many years. 

Besides more than 16 years as member of managing committee in ITAMMA, holding positions such as office bearer, sub-committee chairman, regional chairman and export cell chairman, Khaitan has been Chairman of CII Rajasthan in 2009-10. - Kishore Khaitan, President

Kaizar Mahuwala is Executive Director of Gurjar Gravures and Gurjar Images, a manufacturer of a range of nickel perforated rotary screens, engraving chemicals, auxiliaries, laser – inkjet engraving solutions and machine spares. Gurjar Group was established in 1956 and was a pioneer in manufacturing of Galvano screens since year 1972 and also maintained a legacy of developing import substitutes to serve the Indian textile industry.

Mahuwala has a vast and rich experience in manufacturing and international business and has extensively traveled to more than 20 countries. He is actively associated with ITAMMA since 2002 and has served as the Convener of the Ahmedabad export cell since 2004 and has been the managing committee member since 2006. - Kaizar Z Mahuwala, First Vice President

Ashok Veda is a strong believer in karma with positive spirit irrespective of adverse situations joined his family business which was carried out in the name of Veda Texspares Pvt Ltd floated in 1952 by his father, late PC Veda (Founder of Veda Group). The company is now dealing with spares of spinning machines was dealing in spares for weaving and spinning machines in Madhya Pradesh as import substitutive products in the 1950s.

He served as National Vice Chairman of Textile Association (India), and is now actively associated with TMMA for more than a decade. He attended various conferences in India, Singapore, Bangkok, Bangladesh, and Switzerland and also organized National Textile Submit 2013, a National conference of TAI at Indore. - Ashok Veda, Second Vice President

Jugal Kishore is Managing Partner of Super Tex Industries, one the leading companies manufacturing and exporting textile machinery parts (synthetic rubber cots & aprons) in the world.

He is Managing Director of Yogesh Dyestuff Products, a manufacturer and exporter of world-class acrylic/cationic dyes in the world. He has been into the business of textile machinery parts & dyes business for almost 25 years and has been associated as a member of ITAMMA for more than 15 years. - Jugal Kishore, Hon Treasurer