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Basant Wire´s range of pins & pinned products

Oct 01, 2015
Basant Wire´s range of pins & pinned products

Basant, leading innovators, technology solution providers, manufacturers and exporters of PORCUPINE brand pins and pinned products for 30 years, has introduced several new products for benefit of the textile spinning industry. It has the world´s widest range of pins and pinned products manufactured under one roof.

EZ-FIT* opening rollers for rotor spinning - new revolutionary design with a hub fitted to bearing and the low-cost clothing sleeve mounted on hub. Both wire and pin type sleeves are available to suit fibre mix and yarn quality produced. This system offers advantages of low replacement costs, improvement in yarn quality and fast changeover.

Expert application engineering know-how from Stewarts of America is made available to mills whom the company offers customised solutions for their specific quality and performance requirements. It is manufacturing products for waste recycling, spinning - ring, open-end and worsted, weaving, finishing, perforating, fibrillating as well as non-woven industry.

Aluminum lattices
The company has introduced a cost effective and high performance range of aluminium lattices than run for nearly 10 years without any problem. Aluminium lattices are fire retardant, lightweight and can be easily repaired after use. The company has streamlined production facilities to offer fast delivery and reasonable prices.

Bale plucker rollers
The company offers innovative solutions for bale pluckers with hardened specially profiled jaws, dynamically balanced rollers for long and effective performance. We also offer pin type pluckers.

For Finishing stenters
The company manufactures Stenter Pin Plates in Brass as well as in plastic. Plastic pinbars (patented) are much cheaper and lighter in weight, works at high temperatures besides providing high life and being corrosion free. Special alloy pins are available for highly corrosive operating conditions.

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