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Atlas Copco ‘ROAR’s with 5 new air compressors

Aug 01, 2019
Atlas Copco ‘ROAR’s with 5 new air compressors

Atlas Copco launches a new range of compressors including piston air compressors, screw air compressors, and on-site nitrogen generator series to cater to the changing demands.

With a fittingly termed theme of Reach Out And Rise (ROAR), Atlas Copco unveiled five new air compressors in the Indian market, at a festive-like celebratory function in Hotel Conrad in Pune on July 11, 2019. It was none but Conrad Latham, General Manager, Compressor Technique, Atlas Copco India, who officially launched the compressors.

All the five compressors have been developed in its Chakan facility in Pune, and their distinguishing features include boost to productivity and a 50 per cent reduction in energy consumption, dire needs of the industry today. Laying emphasis on the importance of customers and also tracing the company’s growth story in India, Latham said: “Atlas Copco believes that the growth of our customers is our oxygen. True to the commitment to ‘Make in India’, we are introducing arange of new products built at our state-of-the-art Chakan factory at Pune..The new range of air compressors in piston and screw technologies are a result of Atlas Copco’s continued commitment to work with manufacturing companies to reduce their energy bills in line with the governments focus on energy efficiency.”

Tracing the growth and success stories of Atlas Copco, Latham said: “Around the world Atlas Copco has about 37,000 people and in India, we are having about 2400 people. We have achieved a turnover about Rs 3500 crore in India. The compressors that have been launched now were developed at the Chakan facility and are totally localised. India today plays a leading role in the R&D scope of Atlas Copco like Brazil or China.”

Talking of the VSD compressors’ advantages in saving, Latham said “this technology has been with us for quite sometime. For instance, it helped in saving energy of 240 billion kw hours in the UK alone. Every manufacturing facility in the world is using compressor one way or the other. Hence all manufacturing facilities are our customers. In India, there are 185,00- manufacturing companies, and if we compare this to a country like Germany, the India’s figure is double than that of Germany. It is interesting to note that the Indian Government is giving a stimulus and push to manufacturing activities.”

Said Latham: Agriculture is one of the segments currently we are focusing on. Besides, textiles with emphasis on the texturising side is another one. One of the technologies we have introduced is the oil-injected compressors. We look for details of the customer needs. We also realised that customers are for optimising use of air, and hence we have developed new systems in tune wit the needs. The second area is the energy consumption, for which we have to look deeply into the areas that the customer is working on and develop as per his requirements.”

“Since we are focusing on agriculture, along with the launch of the new compressors, we have made a commitment that for every machine sold, we will be planting a tree. There will be a geometer, which will trace the amount of Co2 being released,” said Latham. Replying to a question on Atlas Copco’s presence in textile industry, Latham said that all the major textile companies use Atlas Copco compressors. “Air-jets and texturising segments need compressors. In weaving especially, 40 per cent of the energy is consumed by compressors and hence our focus has always been how to reduce this and optimise the resources. Compressors is an integral part of textile industry,” said Latham.

Emphasising the service for the customers, Latham said, “we have approximately 1000 trained engineers, working across the entire length and breath of India besides service partners. Our market presence is important but our service is key. One of the challenges we see in India is how power can be saved because compressors are not that efficient users of energy. The next revolution that has already taken over is Industry 4.0. Our customers want everything connected. Every machine that leaves our facility has a GPS, which will reveal how much is the energy consumption, what is the running condition and so on. And also if there is a fault on the machine, it gives an alert & warning. Sometimes, even the customer is not aware that his machine has developed a fault, but well before that our service engineers are on-site repairing it.”Globally, there are about 120,000 Atlas Copco systems connected. In India, already about 10,000 machines are connected. “Reliability and energy saving aspects have created this record,” says Latham.

This new range includes piston air compressors, screw air compressors, and on-site nitrogen generator series to cater to the changing demands of customers from different sectors across India. The key industry segments which will benefit from these compressed air solutions are food and beverages, cement, textile, foundry and forging, general engineering, metal, auto and ancillaries, paper and many more.

Amongst the five products, GA 75-110 VSD+ is a variable speed drive oil-injected screw air compressor which is an ideal choice for fluctuating demands of customer applications and can save up to 50 per cent of energy costs. GA 75-110 VSD+ has integrated Elektronikon® - most intelligent microprocessor for advanced monitoring, control and connectivity, thus providing customers peace of mind by remaining connected with the machine at all times It has a magnetically fixed pre-filter that enables the application for handling high dust. G 15-22 and GA 15-22, are fixed speed oil-injected screw air compressors withtherevolutionary new screw element. These products are intended to reduce energy consumption and offer higher uptime and reliability. The cast iron piston series, ATC, ranging from 3 hP to 10 hP is coupled with IP55 motor that is known for reliability and can function in operating temperatures up to 46 degree C. The product has a low foot print and low noise.

In nitrogen generator segment, Atlas Copco’s new NGMs 1-3 membrane technology units offer efficient, compact and simple low-cost on-site solution for low-flow N2 requirements with benefits of minimal maintenance and operational costs. These generators come with a wall mounting option as well.

Atlas Copco also offers a wide range of market-leading compressed air, including oil-free screw air compressors, screw blowers, scroll air compressors, tooth air compressors, turbo air compressors, water-injected screw air compressors, reciprocating air compressors, and much more.