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Asian convergence at Screen Print India show

Jan 01, 2016

Screen Print India 2016, a dedicated platform to the screen printing industry that facilitates enhancing awareness and informal networking for over two decades, is being held from May 6-8, 2016 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. The credibility factor is evident from the act that SGIA (USA), SGAI and IPAMA have pledged their support, with many more to follow.

In a unique show of support, ASGA, which usually only officially supported exhibitions in China, is supporting SPI 2016 also. The international factor in the forthcoming exhibition has become even stronger with the ASGA Board Meeting to be held in Mumbai, just a day after Screen Print India 2016.

So the SPI 2016/ ASGA India 2016 show will be a convergence point for country and association delegations from across Asia as they gather for this unique event. This is the second time that ASGA has supported the Screen Print India show after the 2012 edition. The Screen Print India exhibition made its debut in 1994 and has been going strong during the past 22 years. The show has become bigger in size, wider in scope (it now also includes textile printing and digital printing) and greater in significance for everyone connected with the screen printing industry.

Top brands have already booked a significant percentage of space for the show that provides a dedicated platform for knowledge, networking and tie-ups. Responding to feedback received from our exhibitors, visitors and supporting associations, the event is being held during the summer period. This will make it possible for more people to exhibit and visit whereas the venue will once again make it possible to have large and heavy running machines on display during the show. Many will be able to combine business with leisure, clubbing this with a company or family outing during SPI 2016/ ASGA India 2016 like they did during SPI 2014 at Goa.

Being held bi-annually in Mumbai since its inception two decades ago, this international exhibition on screen, textile and digital printing had made its North India debut in 2013, Goa debut in 2014 and even forayed overseas with the brand Screen Print Vietnam in 2015. After raising benchmarks higher than any exhibition held in India has ever before with a combination of business and leisure, after making an impact with its world class stature in the Far East, Screen Print India now returns to its home base, Mumbai. Screen Print India has always been among the world’s leading and Asia’s finest exhibitions, attracting delegations from many countries. The top guns of the industry worldwide are already marking Mumbai on their 2016 calendars for firming up business ties with old friends while creating new ones.

Everybody knows that the screen printing industry has tremendous potential. The need of the hour is to tap that potential and grow in tandem with the industry. Networking on a formal and informal level, keeping oneself updated on the latest developments, joining hands with new business partners, attending knowledge seminars are crucial steps. Being at SPI 2016 will provide opportunities for all this and more. Continuing its fine traditions, SPI 2016 will attract visitors from across India as well as delegations from countries across the globe; focused footfalls that are genuinely interested in exploring business opportunities and new technologies.

Screen Print India consciously strives to ensure participants and visitors are updated with the latest screen printing industry developments through co-operation with various regional, national and international associations.

The Screen Print India shows have always highlighted the scope for growth and greater profits in the screen printing industry. Visitor profile will comprise leading industrial screen printers, technicians, consultants, professionals, entrepreneurs, products or service providers to end-users who are employing screen printing, textile printing and digital printing<