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Swedish stockings from Fulgar’s yarn

Feb 01, 2019

Swedish stockings from Fulgar’s yarnThe hosiery industry is facing many challenges. The new lifestyles of Millennial consumers are transforming their clothing choices, too. These rapid but unstoppable changes are also affecting accessories like women’s legwear and manufacturers must now develop the styles and the functional benefits their products are expected to provide.

Fulgar has taken up this challenge. Operating in the development of new-conception man-made fibres, it has extensive experience in research and innovation, combined with a commitment to sustainability. This is made clear by the expanding green portfolio that now boasts - EVO, a bio-based yarn derived from castor oil, Q-NOVA fibre made from regenerated raw materials and AMNI SOUL ECO, a biodegradable polyamide.

Launched five years ago, Q-NOVA was the first speciality by Fulgar whose development was based on green issues. This eco-sustainable yarn makes production processes more sustainable in their turn, enabling reductions in CO2 emissions and cuts in water use. Q-NOVA is obtained exclusively from regenerated raw materials through a mechanical process that does not involve the use of any chemicals that could compromise the final product’s sustainability. Swedish Stockings has chosen Fulgar’s recycled yarn for all its collections, from its Edith Lace, Frida Lace, Irma and Stina Premium tights to its Liv Net and Rut Net knee-highs and Ida liner socks.