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Werner Mathis modular coating system

Apr 01, 2015
Werner Mathis modular coating system

The Swiss company, Werner Mathis AG is launching a new continuous coating system KTF-S at, which is available with a working width of 300 mm, 450 mm, or 600 mm, consists of a doctor knife coating module and a subsequent drying unit. The KTF-S is ideally suited for various applications in textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, foil and paper manufacturing, or in research and development laboratories. It is the perfect solution in all cases, where a larger machine cannot be operated efficiently.

In the basic setup the material is guided by an unroll device through the doctor knife coating and the drying unit. At the outlet the material is rolled up automatically. The heart of the system is the hot-air dryer, which is divided into an upper and lower nozzle section. Two flaps can be adjusted to regulate the drying process accordingly. The combination of powerful air circulation and regulated heating guarantees an optimal drying capacity.

The KTF-S can be customized with various add-on modules. Examples include an infrared pre-dryer, a laminating device, which can be installed before or after the dryer, or an additional hot-air dryer. Alternative coating devices, like slot die, engraved roller, reverse roll coater, hot melt, powder scattering system and rotary screen can be used as well. An optional infrared radiation pyrometer can be used to measure the surface temperature of the sample during drying process. Material holders for discontinuous process such as pin frames are available for standardised sample sizes. Temperatures, sample speed, fan speed and other parameters are monitored and documented seamlessly.

Due to the modular design of the system all process-oriented add-on components can be installed when needed. The user has therefore a very flexible system, which can be tailored to actual requirements of an application. Even greater flexibility is achieved by combining the KTF-S with other system from Mathis, like the horizontal vertical padder type HVF which is used for dyeing the textile material prior to drying these samples on the KTF-S, either continuously or smaller samples with the material frames.

Werner Mathis AG will present the new continuous coating system KTF-S at the Techtextil show in Frankfurt. The Werner Mathis AG, Oberhasli/Switzerland, develops and manufactures machines for dyeing laboratories since 1968. The portfolio of the company also includes production systems for dyeing of textile ribbons. A second division develops and manufactures machines and systems for coating a wide range of material. With subsidiaries in USA, Brazil, and India, and numerous international sales agents, Mathis is present in all major markets worldwide.