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Sieger's solutions earn good trust among spinners

Jun 01, 2015

Sieger has a strong philosophy to make innovative engineering products that consume less power and result in lowest cost of ownership.
Sieger Spintech Equipments Pvt Ltd in Arasur, Coimbatore is a winner in more than one ways. Having scaled a peak in performance in the selling of yarn conditioning plants all over India, Sieger also has set new milestones in auto doffers. Sieger has perfected the art of building a healthy infrastructure, which has contributed to its success always and the dedication of its workforce cannot be underestimated. In the last two decades, tasting success after success, Sieger has the patronage of several corporates and smaller customers who have grown and prospered. Several of the orders are repeat orders or based on the good references of the existing customers.

´Sieger, the leader in yarn conditioning plant (YCP), has an installation base of over 1,000 machines working across the globe. Sieger machines are world-class as the machines are 100 per cent made inhouse with quality checks at all stages of production. The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art facility with CNC machines for sheet metal and other machined components´, said G Radhakrishnan Managing Director & D Srinivasan, Director of Sieger Spintech, while speaking to The ITJ Editor in an exclusive email interview.

Sieger has the entire range of yarn conditioning plants from the basic 200 kg per batch to 2,000 kg per batch in cylindrical formats and up to 4,000 kg per batch in cubical formats. The YCP in different formats is used in a wide application range from hosiery yarn to high twisted polyester yarn.

Sieger YCP Autoline
Rather than a standalone yarn conditioning plant, Sieger has developed and commissioned huge plants with roller conveyors for the pallets and trolleys. Yarn is pre-conditioned at higher humidity followed by a yarn conditioning with steam. The conditioned yarn is weighed, stretch strapped and labeled in sequence automatically, said Sieger MD.

Different heating arrangements like electric, steam, and CNG versions are possible to attain the lowest energy costs. Sieger sources critical parts for the YCP from reputed companies like Alen Bradley, Siemens, etc. The growth potential is encouraging for the past few years due to the new spinning projects in India, increased awareness for customers about yarn conditioning and requirement of conditioned yarn in new generation weaving and knitting machines and Sieger has exported to all the textile centres in the world with the export accounting for and 30-35 per cent of its production.

Srinivasan said that In addition to YCP, Sieger has the highest number of installations of auto doffer for ring spinning machines. The new version V3 has several features that score over other competitors and is at par or better than the OEM supplied auto doffers.

The main constructional features of SIEGER Adof V3 are :
Dumping of empties ´ drastic saving in manpower as the bobbins need not be stacked
Lowest doffing time of 90 secs
Under winding and top bunching system aids in easier location of yarn ends ´ labour saving in winding
Peg tray with self-centering requires very little maintenance

With the advent of auto doffers at ring frame, ring frames with 1,824 spindles and heavier bobbins have necessitated a roving transport system, the vital link between speed frame and ring frame. Sieger was the first Indian company to promote the RTS system with German technology.

Sieger offers roving transport system in various formats.
1.Alfa: Rails are fixed on the ring frame alone. A combination of trolleys and Alfa offers an ec