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Secure monitoring of machine data with B&R

Jun 18, 2020
Secure monitoring of machine data with B&R

LogTunnel is feature of B&R’s Secure Remote Maintenance solution. 

B&R enables machine builders to establish a continuous connection to plants and machinery in the field. With LogTunnel, data from machines all around the world can be archived in a central location. Any irregularities in performance can be detected early to help maintain maximum availability.

LogTunnel is feature of B&R’s Secure Remote Maintenance solution. Secure Remote Maintenance lets you check in on plants and machinery anywhere in the world from your office or on the go. Even take control of it if necessary – as though you were right there on site. Through continuous data logging, LogTunnel allows you to detect faulty components early and optimise service intervals. Setup is a simple matter of drag-and-drop and requires no special IT know-how.

The ongoing LogTunnel connection is not affected when a technician connects temporarily to perform remote maintenance – logging continues uninterrupted. Machine data can be stored on a central database server, in the cloud or at a data center, where it remains available for later analysis.

Secure Remote Maintenance functions in accordance with all the latest IT and cybersecurity guidelines. Machine builders have runtime access to machine parameters from their entire installed base. All access is logged in detail for later traceability.

Monthly security updates for APROL industrial control system

B&R has updated its lifecycle management strategy for the APROL industrial control system. In addition to the usual main releases and security patches, B&R will now also provide monthly operating system updates. APROL is now better prepared than ever for the implementation of modern cybersecurity strategies.

B&R publishes a new APROL build version once per year. Each of these versions is kept current with monthly operating system updates for a period of 14 months. After that, there are four more updates: one every six months.

To maintain stability, B&R conducts intensive testing on updates for the Suse Linux Enterprise Server operating system with the APROL system software before they are made available for downloading. APROL itself is maintained using patches. The interval at which this occurs depends on the severity of the bugs to be fixed.

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