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Sabar:The king of cot grinders

Jun 01, 2014
Sabar:The king of cot grinders

SABAR Twin Auto Cot Grinder is designed to grind simultaneously for R/F, S/F, Draw frame, camber roller without changing grinding wheels. The Machine is equipped with 200 mm (W) grinding wheel for automatic grinding of RtF, S/F top roller by hydro - pneumatic system and a control panel by user friendly PLC-MMI.

A separate 25 mm (W) grinding wheel is also given for autotable traverse grinding of draw frame & camber roller; controlled by hydraulic system and seperate electric control panel board. The mIc is equipped with inbuilt grinding wheel dressing unit for 200 mm (W) wheel & seperate dressing attachment for 25 mm (W) wheel.

The machine is also equipped with auto feeding box, high efficient dust collecting unit & roller catches, dead centres. It is the first such machine in textile world which is most user friendly with its design & concept. It has no Interchange of grinding wheels thus no waiting / process time. It has an utomatic grinding for RtF & S/F top rollers. It has continuous grinding for RtF, S/F & draw frame & camber.

In electric motors, its work head ranges from 0-50 HP and 0-25 HP; its wheel head ranges from 2-00 HP and 1-50 HP; hydraulic pump ranges from 1-00 HP; and dust collecting unit ranges from 1-00HP.

The size of the main machine is 1780 x 1320 x 1820 mm and the size of the DC box is 1400 x 1000 x 1420 mm.

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