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RND Mill installs world's longest winder

Nov 01, 2018
RND Mill installs world

Situated in the quiet town of Palladam, near Coimbatore, is RND Mill – a modern state-of-the-art spinning plant with 12,000 spindles. R Rajagopal, the Managing Director of RND Mills set up the plant in the year 2013, diversifying from his core business of computers. From a humble beginning of 3,050 spindles, the mill has expanded to the current capacity of 12,000 spindles at a quick pace.

RND Mill has installed a Savio EcoPulsarS winder with 110 drums, thus earning a distinction of being the first mill in the world to install the world’s longest automatic winder. Rajagopal was convinced from the beginning that Savio EcoPulsarS was the best winder choice, considering the economics and flexibility that it offered. With the mill running an average count of 80s carded, saving power mattered a lot.

Expressing his satisfaction with Savio EcoPulsarS, Rajagopal said, “Currently we are happy about Savio EcoPulsarS’ performance and we are looking forward to a great benefit in terms of power and air savings in the long run”. He also added that “From day one the A.T.E. sales team had a very cooperative approach and they did deliver what they had committed.”