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Keisokki evenness tester KET80V++C

Mar 01, 2016
Keisokki evenness tester KET80V++C

Keisokki introduced its computer technology based instrument KET80C in 1980 whereas other manufacturers could introduce its computer technology based instrument in 1987 only (seven years later). Keisokki has introduced several novel and revolutionary concepts which have found immense use in the textile industry.

Information on R/2: This helps to judge whether to check longer lengths of the yarn or not. Should you have long term faults then they are easily detectable by the large R/2 value.

Testing speed is 800 m with unattended operation using Auto Cop Changer is available.

Electronic tensioner is coupled with Keisokki KET 80V++C so that tension is controlled by computer and settings are stored. Operator can make a file name with all the settings, recall the file, click on the file, all settings get transferred to the measuring frame and the settings are stored. Many different file names for different deniers say 80d/ 36 filaments or 135 d/ 126 filament files with their testing conditions can be stored, recalled and transferred to the measuring frame for one touch operation.

KET V++C uses Windows 8.1 /10 as an operating system and can be connected to network. Customer can provide his computer.

Information available: U%, U ½ inert, U inert, CV%, CV ½ inert, CV inert, relative yarn count CVb, CVl, mass variation diagram on the monitor, etc. is available. 100 per cent of the customers in India, use Keisokki “C” model for their filament yarn testing.

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