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B&R’s Blackout mode enables high machine availability

Mar 01, 2020
B&R’s Blackout mode enables high machine availability

The B&R drive technology portfolio now offers a Blackout mode that ensures safe machine control in the event of a network failure. Machine downtime can be avoided without costly redundancy solutions to ensure maximum machine availability.

The Blackout function enables the safe variants of B&R servo drives (ACOPOSmulti, ACOPOSmotor or ACOPOS P3) to continue operation in the event of a network failure. Safety functionality remains intact.

Blackout mode allows configuration of simple safety sequences. Applications in lower-level systems continue execution even after a network failure. For example, axes can be brought to a stop or moved to a defined position.

B&R introduces new digital output module with pulse width modulation

B&R’s new digital output module X20DO4332-1 has integrated pulse width modulation and is a cost-effective alternative to motor modules. In addition, the module offers a dither function that prevents valves from sticking.

Pulse width modulation (PWM) is mainly used for controlling larger loads, such as motors. Instead of using electronics to regulate a continuous input voltage down to the desired motor voltage, the motor is controlled by the width of the switching pulses. This process saves a considerable amount of energy.

With its dither function, the module also prevents valves from sticking. This is particularly common when valves are held for extended times at a constant position, especially in liquids. The dither function oscillates the valve slightly around the position setpoint to prevent it from sticking. The X20 module is equipped with four outputs with three-wire connections and offers a nominal output current of 2 A.

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