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9 more Autoconer 6 for Victory

Mar 01, 2016

Victory Spinning Mills of Veppadai near Erode in South India has ordered nine more Autoconer 6 machines. A long-standing customer of Schlafhorst, the company is one of the spinning mills that have been using the new Autoconer 6 since the beginning of this year. The automatic package winder has generated such enthusiasm among the decision-makers in the expanding sales spinning mill that they have once again opted for the world’s most modern automatic winding machine for the latest expansion stage.

Specialist in viscose yarns: The spinning mill manufactures 13,000 tonnes of ring yarn per year both in the form of single (Ne 20 to Ne 40) and plied (Ne 20/2 to Ne 40/2) yarns. These have been sold mainly in India to date, but now Victory Spinning Mills wants to gain a foothold in the lucrative export market, and so it has enlarged its ring spinning mill by 12,000 spindles to over 60,000 spindles in all. When it came to making the necessary adjustments to the winding capacity, the decision was a swift one to buy Autoconer 6 machines once again!

Always the latest, most efficient technology: “We’re an expanding company with a clear strategy. We are updating our stock of machinery constantly, so that we always produce yarn using the latest, most efficient technology,” says spinning mill director Balachandar Thanavelu.

Schlafhorst delivered the first three Autoconer 6 type RM machines, also with 70 winding units. “Following installation, it proved to be the case that the new automatic package winder is 6 per cent more productive than its predecessor as well as using 8 per cent less energy,” says co-director P S Sundaram.

Innovation for greater productivity and reduced labour requirement: The innovations on the Autoconer 6 are impressive. The highlights are as follows: the new suction tube, which works with SmartCycle and the intelligent vacuum control system to increase productivity and conserve resources at the same time. “Fewer unproductive cycle and waiting times, virtually no malfunctions, lower energy consumption, high-speed productivity and the best packages far and wide – we are satisfied on all counts,” says factory manager Paramasivam.

Best quality for the global market: There are two key reasons why the company has now decided in favour of an automatic linked system. On the one hand, the labour market in the dynamic textile region of Erode and Pallipalayam is very stretched. On the other hand, Victory Spinning Mills is keen to reduce manual material handling as a whole so as to achieve an even higher quality for export. “Packages from the Autoconer 6 are the quality benchmark across the globe,” says Balachandar.