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PP spunbond nonwovens production line

Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co Ltd, China, offers PP spunbond nonwovens production line, which is used to produce PP nonwovens through spinning, web forming and solidifying by calendar. The products can be used in the fields of health care, hygiene, construction, geo-textiles or household materials such as disposables and wearable materials. The width is 3200 mm and the output is 3000 t/a for single beam and 6000 t/a for double beam. The web weight ranges from 10 g/m2-150 g/m2. The mechanical speed is 150 m/min for single beam and 210 m/min for double beam.

The salient features are: Suction, dosing and mixing device is controlled by inverters with high precision and reliability; automatic alarm is realised in case of unsuitable material level; Screw extruder adopts high-precision helical gear reducing box and tri-closed loop electrical control, so that it works at high; Precision, high reliability, high safety, and long service life; Melt distribution line is heated by electricity and wrapped with insulation material, which features short melt flow distance and automatic control for heating system; Spin beam is of integral slot structure with special melt distribution chamber to ensure even melt distribution. The integral spinneret is adopted to achieve uniform filament distribution; Quenching system adopts double-sided symmetric blowing structure, in which the air duct is fixed with multi-layer air rectifying device; Drawing duct adopts slot type, in which the filament is drawn by air flow, with the widths of the lower drawing duct and the diffusion duct being adjustable; Web spreading machine comprises main driving system, traveling lattice, frame, suction duct, correcting device, tension device and so on;  Suction duct and diffusion duct are separated with the surroundings by brush and sealing roller, which forms a single control system to meet the requirements of different processes.

published January, 2007
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