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Nonwovens & Technical Textiles
Endless needled felts for compacting

Albany International, Italy is one of the world's top manufacturers of felts and belts for industrial use.

Albany International, which is represented in India by the Delhi-based Dipti International, offers the following products:
B-SAN 2 Endless Needled Felt For Compacting Machine

  • Endless needled felt with special multilayer base fabrics.
  • Buffed and calendered working surface.


  • Very smooth surface.
  • Thickness evenness Excellent heat: resistance to high temperature.
  • Excellent heat resistance to hydrolysis.
  • Excellent heat resistance to hydrolysis (100% aramidich working batt).
  • Excellent compacting & heat setting effect.
  • Long life and working economy.

B-SAN FX: Endless needled felts for compacting

  • Endless needled felt with special multi-layers base fabrics


  • Buffed and calendered working surface Very smooth surface.
  • Thickness evenness.
  • Excellent heat resistance to high temperature.
  • Excellent heat resistance to hydrolysis.
  • Aramidic working surface (50% of upper bat).
  • Excellent compacting effect.
  • Long life and working economy.

Albany International's history dates back to the beginning of the past century. Since then, the designing and manufacturing of products have always been developed in close contact with both the machine manufacturers and the final users.

This background gives the company sound technological content and flexibility to offer customised solutions. The constant feedback from the field allows it to provide innovative solutions and develop technological improvement. The production of custom engineered textiles is a multi-stage process commencing with the raw fibres and yarns to the final fabrication. All the intermediate steps are carried out in Albany's facilities under skilled supervision.

Sophisticated control system assures absolute precision both in warp preparing and in weaving. If necessary, irreplaceable and expert hands are able to mend the fabrics. Smooth surfaces and proper compaction are achieved thanks to sturdy and modem needling machines. Adequate heat setting relieves all residual stresses and is the base of running and dimensional stability. Final finishing gives a surface quality second to none.

Albany International is an international company with a well-structured global identity, having its own units in fifteen different countries. Only an organisation of such level and experience in the global market is capable of combining its assets in order to co-ordinate and manage the flow of information among the different branches worldwide, as if they were one.

Albany units are requested to constantly interact in order to further develop their market knowledge. The satisfaction of one customer shows the success of the entire group, not of the single unit & this is the essence of Albany international.

published October, 2012
For further information
Full Address of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Dipti International
203, V4, Mayur Plaza II, DDA LSC, Mayur Vihar Ph 1
Delhi - 110 091, India (Republic of)
Telephone Numbers of the Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Dealer/Distributor/Service Provider Telephone: + 91 011 43046702/403.
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