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Rapier Loom Controller RLC-I

- Akshaya Instruments, Mumbai offers RLC-I unit, which is a control system specially designed for full control of rapier loom machine including colour selector.

product profile from Akshaya Instruments Works   published December, 2013
Weaving machinery spares from Omkar

- Omkar Engineering Works, Ahmedabad is specialised in the weaving sector and is the most well-known manufacturer of replacement parts for Sulzer projectile weaving machines model pu, tw-11, p-7100 & p-7300.

product profile from Omkar Engineering Works   published December, 2013
Kamitsu Auto Parcel Winder for high performance fibres

- Japan-based Kamitsu Seisakusho, a manufacturer of various take-up, soft winders and rewinders for high performance fibres, offers Auto Parcel Winder Model KTAW.

product profile from Texspares Machine Works / Kamitsu Seisakusho Ltd. Japan   published December, 2013
Pluggable elastomere couplings

- In its GERWAH product range, Ringfeder Power Transmission offers an ample portfolio of pluggable elastomere couplings for practically any case of application

product profile from Ringfeder Power Transmission GMBH   published October, 2013
Hot Air Thermoplastic/Tarpaulin Welding Gun

- BAK, Switzerland brand has launched RION hot air thermoplastic welding/tarpaulin welding gun

product profile from Dharmesh Enterprises Pvt Ltd   published October, 2013
Master Heat Gun/Hot Air Blowers

- Dharmesh Enterprises Pvt Ltd offers Master Heat Gun/Hot Air Blowers.

product profile from Dharmesh Enterprises Pvt Ltd   published October, 2013
Spares for Oerlikon & Rieter machines

- Bhawana International, a company established in 2001 as dealer in all types of open-end spares & card wires, are importing all the goods from Europe and China. It offers spares for Oerlikon & Rieter machines.

product profile from Bhawna International   published October, 2013
Aircomp solution to enhance piping's life

- Aircomp services is a one-stop shop for pneumatic accessories, compressed air products, valves, pressure gauges, one touch fitting, PU tube, pneumatic hose, etc of various reputed brands.

product profile from Aircomp Services   published August, 2013
Continental's complete range of weaving accessories

- Continental Engineering Industries (P) Ltd, Ahmedabad offers the complete range of weaving accessories

product profile from Continental Engineering Industries (P) Ltd   published July, 2013
Advance Industrial's polyurethane rollers

- Advance Industrial Rollers Pvt Ltd, Ghaziabad is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane rollers and other custom moulded products for various industries

product profile from Advance Industrial Rollers Pvt. Ltd.   published July, 2013
Temple cylinders & rings from Basant

- Temple cylinder and rings play a very crucial role in the quality of cloth woven

product profile from Basant Wire Industries Pvt Ltd   published July, 2013
Double row ball bearings for textile machines

- Kinex Bearings belong with its portfolio among important global suppliers of standard and special rolling bearings aimed for beddings in various industrial applications.

product profile from Bhawana International / Kinex Bearings / Kinex Bearings a.s. / Earnest (I) Trading Company   published July, 2013
Kakva's bottom rollers for ring frames & speed frames

- Kakva Industries, manufacturer of all types of bottom fluted rollers for textile machinery, offers bottom rollers for ring frames and speed frames.

product profile from Kakva Industries   published July, 2013
Katlax's RS232 to Ethernet Converter

- Katlax has added one more product in its range of converters and it converts RS232 signal into Ethernet compatible.

product profile from Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.   published May, 2013
Automation solutions for narrow fabrics

- RSG Automation Technics focuses on automation solutions for narrow fabrics.

product profile from RSG Automation Technics GmbH   published May, 2013
Pressure Blaster Machine from Surface Int

- Surface International has introduced a Pressure Blaster Machine.

product profile from Surface International   published May, 2013
Power transmission belts & pulleys

- Power Belt India is authorised all India master distributor and stockist for Optibelt, Germany, for its wide range of Power Transmission Belts.

product profile from Power Belt India   published May, 2013
Prashant West Point's Direct Warper & Creel

- Prashant West Point Machinery Pvt Ltd offers Direct Warper & Creel, which is of extremely sturdy and robust construction for vibration free operation.

product profile from Prashant West Point Machinery Pvt Ltd   published April, 2013
Apurva Selvedge Warping Machine

- Apurva Texmac, Thane manufacturers of textiles warping machines, offers a Selvedge Warping Machines, which is ideally suitable for warping selvedges, where a small quantity of yarn is needed.

product profile from APURVA TEXMAC   published April, 2013
Sabar's Pneuma Flyer Cleaner

- Thread winding on bobbins is done at a mind-boggling speed of up to 20,000 RPM! The flyer-tubes, which carry these bobbins, have to be clean smooth & ready to perform.

product profile from Sabar Hi-Tech Machines   published April, 2013
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