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Atlas launches new Xenotest® 440

- Atlas Material Testing Technology, the global leader in weathering technology and services, has introduced a new weathering instrument suitable for performing accelerated testing on a variety of materials.

product profile from Ametek Instruments India Pvt Ltd   published January, 2014
FX 3250 Automatic Pick Counter

- Textest AG, a reputed company of Switzerland is very well-known for its products like laboratory air permeability tester, dynamic air permeability tester, automatic pick counter, hydrostatic tester, tear strength tester elmendorf, portable moisture meter, etc.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published December, 2013
Keisokki Evenness Tester KET80VC

- Keisokki introduced its computer technology-based instrument KET80C in 1980 whereas other manufacturers could introduce their computer technology-based instrument in 1987 only (7-years later). KET80VC is the 5th generation, computer technology-based instrument.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published December, 2013
CLASSIfibre, digital fibre length determiner

- Keisokki introduced its computer technology based Classifibre, digital fibre length determiner.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published October, 2013
Workhorse's Pneumatic Automatic

- Workhorse products offers automatic screen printing press packages.

product profile from Workhorse Products   published August, 2013
New SUNTEST® CPS+ & Xenotest® Alpha+

- Atlas Material Testing Technology, which exhibited at the 27th CONTROL International Trade Fair, in Stuttgart, Germany, showcased the latest technologies, products and solutions designed to help them meet their QA requirements.

product profile from Ametek Instruments India Pvt Ltd   published August, 2013
SETeMa: New high speed washing module

- Five years after the introduction of the successful Porta-Wash line SETeMa has announced a complete new developed module: the E-Wash, a professional open width washing machine

product profile from SETeMa BV   published August, 2013
Keisokki Classifault Trichord Flex CFT

- Classifault Trichord Flex is the new model of Keisokki Evenness tester.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published August, 2013
Textest FX 3750 Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester

- The Textest FX 3750 Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester is a microprocessor controlled falling pendulum instrument with digital display for determination of the average force required to propagate a single-rip tongue-type tear starting from a cut in paper, cardboard, plastics, nonwovens and woven fabrics.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published August, 2013

- TEXTEST AG, a Switzerland-based manufacturer of testing instruments for technical textiles, is proud to introduce the forth generation Hydrostatic Head Tester, the FX 3000 HYDROTESTER IV.

product profile from Thymas Electronics Pvt Ltd   published February, 2013
Newly developed Fibrevision FibreTQS

- On-line quality monitoring of POY and FDY yarns has been well-established for many years, with the most widely used system being Fibrevision FibreTQS.

product profile from Oerlikon Textile Components   published February, 2013
OP Arm Load Gauge for ring frame & Simplex

- In order to achieve optimum productivity and yarn quality from ring frames and speed frames, the top rollers are loaded at specific levels and thus uniformity between top arms on the same frame is maintained. In the course of continuous working, however, variations occur from the set loads, which affect the quality of drafted material.

product profile from Sunrise Industries   published December, 2012
AC Automation's offers latest technology

- With more than 30-years of experience in the field of man-made fibre automation the ac automation - autefa filaments® team is prepared to automate any customer's demands. Starting with the Barmag automation department in the early 80s and then continued by AUTEFA automation and Oerlikon Textile, the focus was always to bring maximum benefit and functionality to the customer.

product profile from AC Automation GmbH & Co KG   published December, 2012
Atlas LS-200 Full Spectrum Monitoring Device

- To help customers show objective evidence that they are in compliance with test specifications during iso 17025 quality audits, atlas is pleased to offer the atlas ls-200 full spectrum monitoring device. The LS-200 has been specifically designed for use in Ci Series Weather-Ometers to precisely measure the spectral power distribution (SPD) output of the xenon lamp.

product profile from Atlas Material Testing Technology   published November, 2012
Say goodbye to metal related damage

- The textile industry constantly runs the risk of damage to its production lines caused by the accidental inclusion of metal particles on the fabric under process. Losses could be substantial if the components damaged are expensive or critical, due to long machine downtime, production loss, delays in honouring delivery commitments, order rejects, customer dissatisfaction, etc.

product profile from A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt Ltd   published October, 2012
MAG's HVT Expert Series

- The market environment today has become increasingly competitive with consumers becoming more quality conscious. Therefore, it is very important for a spinner to know all the important cotton fibre properties for each and every bale.

product profile from A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited   published October, 2012
Fabric inspection, packaging machines from Testa

- With constant upgradation of quality standards of textile end-products, Indian manufacturing firms have recognised the importance of fabric inspection and packaging after the finishing stage, to meet the ever increasing challenges of the market. ATE Enterprises Pvt Ltd has now joined hands with the world renowned Testa Spa, Italy, established in 1969, and is offering a range of inspection and packaging machines. Testa has an installation base of more than 4,000 machines across the globe. The range of Testa products offered by ATE includes grey & finished fabric inspecting, rolling, auto-packing machine and automatic optimalised cutting system.

product profile from A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited   published October, 2012
New Humitest® for measuring textile fibres moisture content

- Textile fibres such as wool, cotton, rayon, flax yarn, jute yarn, hemp yarn, acetate, nylon, polyacrylics, polyester, meet quality requirements. Along their transformation process, moisture content is the main parameter to measure.

product profile from Domosystem   published October, 2012
SINAMICS V20 Inverter for basic applications

- With its Sinamics V20 inverter, Siemens presents a new variable frequency drive for basic applications. The compact and rugged inverter excels with short commissioning times, user friendly operation and high cost-effectiveness. The Sinamics V20 comes in four sizes to cover the performance range from 0.12 to 15 kW and is used to operate pumps, fans, compressors and conveyor systems, as well as for simple drive tasks in the processing and handling industry.

product profile from Siemens Ltd.   published September, 2012
Rockwell linking devices for connectivity

- Two new linking devices from Rockwell Automation provide PlantPAx process automation system users with connectivity to FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices. The Allen-Bradley 1788-EN2FFR and 1788-CN2FFR linking devices provide a direct link from EtherNet/IP or ControlNet networks to the FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 device-level network, making the integration of FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices intuitive and seamless.

product profile from Rockwell Automation Response Centre   published August, 2012
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