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2 new products from C-TEX

- C-TEX has launched two new products: 1. DOUBLE-KNOT machine for industrial fabrics and for smooth yarn material in the medium to fine range. 2. Heavy duty knotting machine for plastic tapes.

product profile from Shakti Textile   published December, 2012
ROSSO 025 Smart for high quality socks

- ROSSO Industries Spa, Italy, which is represented in India by the Delhi-based Dipti International, offers ROSSO 025 Smart, a linear linking machine for the toe closing of children's, ladies and men's socks of every gauges, giving a high output and excellent quality steam, new super spring loaded conveyor with a device for the auto alignment of the socks, which compensates for the possible different height in the knitting of the stretch nylon courses.

product profile from Dipti International   published October, 2012
New JL 65/1: Making lace with a difference

- Lace is feminine, sexy and seductive, and is the result of sophisticated, carefully considered, high-tech solutions. The Jacquardtronic® Lace machine is one such example. The machines in this successful range of machines manufactured by KARL MAYER produce lace with a smooth, fine, filigree appearance, can process different band widths without any transition points, and are extremely efficient - and this level of performance has been improved constantly.

product profile from A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited   published October, 2012
Double Jersey Multi-feeder Circular Knitting Machine

- JIUNN Long Machine Co Ltd, Taiwan, which is represented in India by the Delhi-based Dipti International, offers JLD-I Double Jersey Multi-feeder Circular Knitting Machine. This machine is designed for high production with special emphasis to a very high quality in plain interlock fabric.

product profile from Dipti International   published September, 2012
Mechanical Compactor (Shrinker) for knitted cloth

- An American entrepreneur has invented and developed a new, patented economical design of a mechanical compactor for knitted fabric shrinkage control. The machine features a single-pass operation for open-width and tubular knits, resulting in energy savings, reduced costs, and improved profits.

product profile from Holmes Automation Design, Inc   published August, 2012
JLS-C Single Jersey Open-Width Circular Knitting Machines

- Jiunn Long Machine Co Ltd, Taiwan, which is represented in India by the Delhi-based Dipti International, offers JLS-C Series Single Jersey Open-Width Circular Knitting Machine, which is designed specially for plain single jersey fabric with Lycra (Spandex).

product profile from Dipti International   published April, 2012
Terrot F132-AJ direct spin-knit process

- The technological specialists of Terrot recently presented a future-oriented innovation: # F132 F132-AJ is the name of the new, trend-setting Terrot development.

product profile from Terrot GmbH   published January, 2012
Shape effects & seamless production at the heart of DJ 6/2 EL

- Today's woman is extremely discerning – especially when it comes to her appearance. She has no desire to lead the same miserable existence as the stick-thin model, nor does she want to hide her little lumps and bumps under shapeless clothes, just to look feminine and elegant. Shapewear is one way of resolving the conflict between enjoying one’s food and being overweight. These textile ‘bodyformers’ provide gentle compression to sculpt and shape the body.

product profile from Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH   published January, 2012
Karl Mayer's TM4 T, a clear commitment to efficiency

- A new terry machine complements Karl mayer’s range of four-bar tricot machines. Terry fabrics made from synthetic filament yarns are right on trend, especially in view of the continuing rise in the price of cotton. Karl mayer has reacted to the high demand for fluffy, synthetic-fibre textiles for use as drying and cleaning materials by developing a new, four-bar tricot machine, which is a logical continuation of its strategy based on the concept of ‘efficiency’.

product profile from Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH   published December, 2011
JOHN/C from Orizio Srl

- JOHN/C from Orizio, Italy is a single knit machine designed for production of basic four camtracks stitch structures, plated jersey, three way plating.

product profile from Dipti International   published May, 2011
TM 2 tricot machine for bright mattress covers

- The current economic recovery is enabling many manufacturers to sleep soundly in their beds again, and is also guaranteeing that the order books of mattress manufacturers are full. Producers of mattress covers in particular in China are profiting from the willingness to invest in new beds and bedding.

product profile from Karl Mayer   published February, 2011
Pilotelli's single-knit machines

- Established in 1983, Pilotelli Macchine Tessili, has achieved a commercial success in a few years and a considerable appreciation of quality by the best textile mills in the world.

product profile from Pilotelli Macchine Tessili   published September, 2010
Kern-Liebers knits a success story in knitting parts

- Located at the corporate headquarters of the Kern-Liebers Group of Companies in Schramberg, Germany, Kern-Liebers Knitting Parts manufactures sinkers, needles and sub-assemblies for knitting machines.

product profile from Kern-Liebers Knitting Parts GmbH   published September, 2010
Betex units & needles for Tricot & Raschel

- Betex offers various units and needles of Tricot and Raschel machines. Tricot Machines: The performance of tricot machines has risen enormously in the last years. There have been constant new developments in the area of needles in an effort to deal with the higher number of revolutions.

product profile from Betex   published September, 2010
Stoll offers right CMS for every requirement

- The flat knitting machine is and will be the center of Stoll. High productivity, short set-up and adjustment times, great reliability and easy maintenance, a broad range of gauges and working widths as well as practical accessories -- for knitters to manage all of the knitting orders simply, quickly and without any problems.

product profile from H Stoll GmbH & Co KG   published September, 2010
Shima Seiki sets new benchmark in shaped knitting

- Shima Seiki's exhibit theme for ITMA ASIA + CITME 2010 was “Solutions for Diversity” which emphasised the company's unique capability to provide ideal solutions to a diverse customer base with diverse needs.

product profile from SHIMA SEIKI MFG LTD   published September, 2010
V-LEC4DSI double knit jacquard machine

- Fukuhara's V-LEC4DSI is a double knit electronic jacquard machine with needle selection systems on both cylinder and dial.

product profile from Fukuhara Industrial & Trading Co Ltd   published September, 2010
A versatile crochet knitting from Comez

- Among the Comez’s recently-introduced machine models is the Comeztronic Ct-168/600 electronics crochet knitting machines with 16 weft pattern bars, available in gauge 15 and 20 npi, with a 600mm working width, designed for production of range of sophisticated articles for underwear: high quality laces, bra straps and flounces, with elaborate patterns developed on very long repeats.

product profile from Comez SPA   published September, 2010
S4-3.2 R model for super striping effect

- Mayer & Cie has presented its S4-3.2 R model, a circular knitting machine that has 108 feeders with a cylinder diameter of 34”. Up to three colours can be knit per feeders over all feeders or, alternatively up to six colours over 54 feeders.

product profile from Mayer & Cie GmbH & Co KG   published September, 2010
Santoni's seamless warp machine SWD6/2J

- Keeping in mind that its users are garment manufacturers and by using its experience in knowing their needs well, the Santoni seamless warp machine has many distinguished features that offer unique performance benefit

product profile from SANTONI SPA   published September, 2010
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