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Kermel® Camouflage Battledress for FELIN® Project

Kermel® Camouflage Battledress for FELIN® Project

The French Army has selected the Kermel® V50 and VMC40 fabrics to equip its troops within the context of the FELIN® Project (Infantry with Integrated Equipment and Connectivity). Combining extreme comfort, excellent durability and exceptional fire resistance, both fabrics considerably improve camouflage dress standards, the first as summer wear, and the second as winter wear. The dress has been tested successfully by French armies and the first battalions will be equipped as of late 2008.

Kermel® V50 is the ideal and lasting solution for battledress. The softness of Kermel® fibres combined with the absorption capacity of FR viscose provide greater levels of comfort for the wearer. These properties, together with the excellent thermal protection, make this uniform a garment that is perfectly adapted to summer and mid-season conditions.

Kermel® VMC40 is the latest innovation in camouflage fabric. Ideal in damp conditions and in cold weather, this material, extremely soft to the touch, is highly durable. This new blend is the perfect balance of softness, humidity transfer and fire resistance.

Kermel® Camouflage Battledress for FELIN® Project

Tested in real-life conditions, Kermel® fabrics, which are by nature non-flammable, show excellent performance in terms of colour fastness. After repeated washes, the fatigues retain not only their camouflage protection, but also their thermal protection, and this in the most extreme action conditions.

In addition, all versions made of Kermel® can be adapted to all types of camouflage.

published September , 2008
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