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World’s first vegan fabric!

Jun 14, 2017
World’s first vegan fabric!

Turkey-based Ipeker Textile has produced world’s first vegan fabric. The fabric has been subjected to detailed approval process in Switzerland and Germany, and has been granted the ‘V-Label’ from the European Vegetarian Union (EVU). The global brand will be sold with a certificate code starting with ‘TR’.

The certification process had been thorough since EVU’s V-Label being the most acclaimed vegan/vegetarian certificate, Ihsan Ipeker, a Member of Board of Directors of the Ipeker Textile said. Ipeker Textile’s products are exported to more than 100 importers in 52 countries.

“We have documented that there are no animal ingredients or proteins in the 146 different types of fabric we produce. In our production process, we provide continuity without harming nature and life,” Ipeker said.